Vella Cheese Co. Dry Monterey Jack Cheese 2Lb Wedge

The first thing that came to mind is

why is Woot Selling Velveeta?

Almost as good as wine.woot, except it grows my stomach at even a faster rate.

Vella Cheese Co. Dry Monterey Jack Cheese 2Lb Wedge $19.99 + $5 shipping

1 Vella Dry Monterey Jack Cheese, approximately 2 pounds


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Love this.

Would be in for it but there’s still plenty left over from last time.

Tree’s ???, candy???, cheeze???, I’ll add the whine, where’s the hardy red cabs???

If stored in the fridge, how much time do I have to enjoy this cheese?

Personally, I’d rather get Twisted.

I love this cheese.

This is some good stuff, got it the last time it was up. The inner part tastes like a nice aged sharp cheddar while the outer edges are more earthy. Had it on it’s own, goes great with pate on crackers, and a little in some scrambled eggs goes a long way. If I wasn’t holding out for some Point Reyes farmhouse cheese (c’mon Woot!) I would probably grab some more.

Packaged properly in wax paper it kept for a few weeks no problem.

delicious cheese. I do recommend letting it sit at room temperature for a while to warm up before eating it. Like all good cheese, the flavors really shine as the fat begins to loosen

I wasn’t wowed by the flavored jacks that were offered earlier in the woot-off and previously, but I know the opinion of the Dry Jack is generally higher. What makes people generally prefer the dry jack to the flavored?

If I could buy four I could reconstruct the whole wheel.


My question was answered in a previous offering:

Got this on a previous woot. Very good cheese. Really enjoyed it.

Aged cheese will have a much more complex flavor.
Regular jack is fairly bland (hence why it is often flavored). This won’t be.

Yankees talking bout cheese is like chinese talking bout freedom

Previously Wooted this and shared with my house guests over Xmas. Was so sad it was gone. Definitely in for one!

What is the estimated ship date? I have an early Feb party this would be great for, but will it arrive in time? (am in CA Bay Area)