Vella Cheese Company Asiago Cheese

Ink stamped cheese? Is that a thing?

Yes, has always been a thing. Ever since I can remember.

Guess I have been getting the wrong cheese all these years.

I love the Vella Monterey Jack cheeses. Hopefully we will see a good deal on some of them before the holidays.

I have been desperately waiting for Vella cheese to show up on here. It’s a sign of autumn on Woot.

How soon will these ship?

It’s not ink, it’s a food safe dye/coloring. They stamp the wheel with date info, etc…

(BTW, not related that I know of, just like their cheese)

Does it have animal rennet in it?

I love Asiago I’m in!

Our cheeses are made with vegetable coagulant–not animal rennet.”

From their FAQ, here.

Let me see if I have this right. We can get a whopping 6% off of the list price on this cheese through the mail, when we can go to our local Wegmans, Whole Foods, fill_in_the_blank_good_local_cheese_retailer and, no doubt, find a better price per pound to look at the cheese, put our hands on it, smell it and bring it home (i.e., without it traveling through the mail channels)??

And, to boot, am I reading the description right?? – We don’t even know how much cheese we are buying for this “outstanding” 6% savings??? “2 lbs. - 2.5 lbs.” is a CONSIDERABLE difference in the amount of cheese being purchased vis-a-vis a measly 6% savings over a “list price.” Is that 6% savings on 2 lbs, or is that 6% savings on 2.5 lbs?? If that’s 6% off a list price for 2.5 lbs, and you receive only 2 lbs in your shipment, you’re sure paying well OVER that list price.

woot! does it YET AGAIN.

I love the smell of a good cheesy cynic in the morning!

The, “Will this work on a MAC?” of the cheese world.

Why does it matter if animal rennet was used? Isn’t the milk it’s made from an “animal product”?

What am I missing here???

Animal rennet comes from the stomach after the animal has been killed, so, unlike milk, is not suitable for vegetarians.