Vella Cheese Company

Vella Cheese Company

Mezzo Secco Dry Jack Cheese
$25.99 $37.00 30% off List Price

Dry Monterey Jack Cheese
$23.99 $29.00 17% off List Price

Habañero Dry Jack Cheese
$32.99 $40.00 18% off List Price

Asiago Cheese
$28.99 $35.00 17% off List Price

Special Select Dry Monterey Jack
$30.99 $34.00 9% off List Price

The Secco is outstanding - going to take a try of the Hab and the Asiago—of course if Woot would let me add anything to my cart - WTF

Please try again, it sounds like the issue is taken care of.

Just had the Hab last night, pretty good stuff. Gonna grab a couple of these.

I’m interested in the cheese, but I haven’t purchased such large quantities before. How long will these last in the original packaging in the refrigerator? Is dividing and freezing okay? Thanks.

So, if I wanted to keep these for ~extended~ time, unopened; freeze, fridge, wine cellar? What, and for how long?

I bought the Mezzo Secco last spring (March?) and left it sealed in the fridge for about a month. Once opened, I cut off a wedge to serve then put the remainder in a sealed Foodsaver vacuum bag that I cut (purposely) extra long. Each time we wanted another wedge I just cut it open, cut a wedge, put the rest back in the slightly shorter bag and re-vacuum-sealed it and put back in the fridge. It lasted this way until both the cheese (and the bag) were gone, about Labor Day. The cheese was every bit as delicious then as when we first opened it.

Of course if you don’t have a Foodsaver, you could always try something with the Argon thing you have. :wink:

Any chance these will arrive by Christmas?

yes, they will.

Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is a “dry” cheese? How would the jack compare to a regular jack?

Can anyone tell me more about the flavor profiles if these cheeses? What are the textures like?

It’s used literally. Dry cheese has less moisture, changing the texture and taste. A real parmesan is dryer than a munster, for example. It’s harder, maybe a tiny bit crunchy, and is actually drier in your mouth. Mmmmm!

is the Asiago dry? It mentions it is great when young, that is how i like it. Any chance i could purchase it that way?

Months in the fridge deli drawer.
It will last pretty much “forever” in that you might have to slice off some mold after a long time.
I just finished working on a wedge of the secco dry that I bought in April after keeping it wrapped tight in parchment paper inside plastic.

I’m heading out of town on the 20th of December. Should I have these sent to where I’m going or will they arrive before then? I’d rather not have them sitting on my porch for the neighborhood critters to enjoy while I’m gone. I’m sure they’d appreciate it but I’m just not that giving.

With my wife requesting a foodsaver for x-mas, your post gave me some renewed interest in these cheeses. Might have to slide one of these into the cart if I purchase another x-mas gift from one of the other sites.

I live in the Bay area and visit Vela from time to time for their excellent cheeses. The dry varieties are great in a salad. I especially like the Habañero Dry Jack Cheese as it is spicy but not especially hot.