Vella Cheese Mezzo Secco Dry Jack Cheese

That’s some serious cheese right there. I love it.

Vella Cheese Mezzo Secco Dry Jack Cheese
$24.99 (Normally $33.00) 24% off List Price

Previous offer:

Any estimates as to shipping timing? I want it, but I’m going to be traveling . . .

Is it correct to assume that this is a cow’s milk cheese? Forgive me if I missed it on the main page.

Pretty ticked I just bought this last week and it hasnt shipped yet and is $5 cheaper now. :frowning:

Amazing cheese, I love that Woot has it often so I can stock up when I’m running out.

Looked back at the blog, looks like the same price to me.

I’ve not purchased cheese over the internet before, especially of such quantity. How best to store it? How long would it keep?

Didn’t last very long.

Just Eat It.