Vella Mezzo Secco Dry Jack Cheese

Vella Cheese Mezzo Secco Dry Jack Cheese
$28.99 $37.00 22% off List Price
Vella Cheese Mezzo Secco Dry Jack Cheese, 2 lbs. - 2.5 lbs.

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I got excited when I saw WineSmith…

I’ve been to the Vella Cheese Factory in Northern California and can attest that this is top of the line stuff. They have 3 levels of dry jack cheese (depending on how long it has been aged) and this is the intermediate one, which I happen to think is the best. You can buy it direct from Vella, but you will pay list price and shipping will eat you up. This is a bargain.

The last time I bought this in Dec 2013 it was 23.99 for one wedge with one shipping charge of 5.00 for up to three wedges. I bought two. It’s not as tempting this time since the 5.00 shipping charge has been added to each item.

Too bad it’s not the Dry Jack. I like that one.

The shipping is “included”, thus the additional $5 built into the price. So you’re correct that in effect, you’re paying shipping on each item.

Hah, nope, fooled you. It"s the price of milk. :-). COGS. Went up. Still best price around.


Tried this from a Woot special a while back, fell COMPLETELY in love with it, ordered a 9lb roll directly from the company, shared it with friends and co-workers, and THEY fell completely in love with it.

This cheese? This particular cheese right here? It’s what we likes ta call - “Da GOOD STUFF.”

Even if the $5.00 shipping is included, it’s still $9.00 CHEAPER than the main site for the same size, and that is BEFORE the shipping on their site.

I also bought on 12/13/13 and the Mezzo Secco was actually $25.99 + $5 shipping. So, even though the price increase is due to increased cost of milk/cheese (as WD has already clarified), and not the shipping, this is still a better deal than last year.

Storage tip:
I first bought the Mezzo Secco in March '13 and left it sealed in the fridge for about a month. Once opened, I cut off a wedge to serve then put the remainder in a sealed Foodsaver vacuum bag that I cut (purposely) extra long. Each time we wanted another wedge I just cut it open, cut a wedge, put the rest back in the slightly shorter bag and re-vacuum-sealed it and put back in the fridge. It lasted this way until both the cheese (and the bag) were gone, about Labor Day '13. The cheese was every bit as delicious then as when we first opened it.

When purchased again in Dec. '13 it was gone by New Years and wishing I had bought 2.

Them cows want to be paid for putting it out. :tongue:

So is this 2 pounds or 2.5 pounds?

I wonder if the Massachussetts cheese consortium will block the shipment of cheese to MA the way the liquor distributors block the shipping of WINE.
One of the most liberal, progressive, states in the nation and we cannot mail order wine?
it’s even against the law to buy beer and wine in NH and bring it into MA. I Wonder how much of my MA booze buck goes to buying politicians to turn around and screw me.

Forcing me to log in with Amazon?!?! no no no

yes yes yes

read about it here

It will weigh somewhere between 2 and 2.5 pounds. Weight will vary.

How come there is no longer a Woot plus for wine?

Is this sharp? I dislike sharp, “umamified” cheese (i.e. sharp provolone, romano, parm) but I love sour, tangy cheese. Which is this one?