Velocity Micro Computers 'N Stuff



Edge 23.6" Dual-Core i3 All-in-One PC…always leery of products/companys that seem to have used photo shop on first two out of 4 photos showing it !


Wow, very disappointed in this sale. Horrid pricing. I’d hate to have to start questioning the value of Woot sales. Usually I just look and see if I’m interested in the product assuming the price will be competitive. But not this time. Is this the beginning of the end?


the prices aren’t great. nothing to make me want one of these things. however, they are priced considerably less than amazon.


The prices aren’t great for what? Very outdated products made by a no-name sketchy company with terrible Amazon reviews? I agree.

If someone held me at gunpoint, handed me their wallet, and tried for force me to buy these - I wouldn’t. There are so many better choices from name-brand companies in these price ranges (Lenovo and Toshiba to name two), that I feel bad for anyone taken by this “deal”.

What gives, Woot? I see almost nothing these days that’s actually worth buying (except Lock-n-Lock, you know I’m always down).


Help me understand why this is such a bad deal. I don’t see any negative reviews on Amazon, the specs seem fine, and apparently if you need tech help you get a real person in the USA… ( and I have read terrible things about Toshiba customer care lately…) And no, they are not giving them away, but these were just released in Jan, and they are 100 bucks less than retail. What am I missing?


Yes, me neither - hardly any reviews on amazon


Velocity is not a no name company. It has been around for years. Its computers are made in the USA, and it has excellent customer service. I have owned one of their desktops for years. Quality company. You get what you pay for. I try to buy products made in the USA-not easy.


Do you honestly believe the components were made in the US? You’re out of your mind.


I’d honestly be surprised if they sold a single one of these. Just, why?


I didn’t say the components were made in the USA. The computer is custom made and assembled in the USA. They are known for high-end computers with excellent customer service…read their recommendations from Wired, PC Mag etc. Again, you get what you pay for. My Dell computer’s hard drive failed after two months. Took two weeks to get it fixed. Never had a problem with Velocity.


I can’t speak to their laptops, but I’ve had a Velocity Micro desktop for 5 and a half years. Upgraded RAM and put in a SSD when I upgraded to Win7, and it’s still rolling strong. Quality build.


Velocity is a high-end gaming PC company, with great products.I just wish Woot had the desktop’s on sale.