Velocity Micro Cruz 7” Android Tablet

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Just got a Xoom. Please tell me I didn’t waste $500.

Android 2.0, eh. Is this upgradeable? Usable?

This is not the cruz tablet… this is mislabled… this is the Cruz 7" READER. Which it is a piece of junk compared to the tablet. The reader has a resistive touch screen the tablet has a capacitive

In evolutionary terms it’s a giant step from paper. WTG Cruz!

Android 2.0 and no access to Google’s official Android market? SOLD!

Wait, no.

can this run angry birds smoothly ?

You did not.

This is not a good tablet. Resistive touch instead of capacitive means it’s one of those older squishy-touch screens that almost need a stylus to work well. No Android market or other Google apps. And it runs very, very slowly.


This is actually not that bad a deal. You just need some custom firmware, and then KABOOM! You have a great tablet.

You didn’t waste $500.

Maybe you wasted $300? I mean, I guess it depends what you’re going to use it for. If you just want to play Angry Birds in the john, this would probably have worked just as well. But only the Xoom is going to let you have a Google video chat with your boss from the toilet.

*edit - oops, guess you can’t even play Angry Birds on it. Maybe you can pull up Twitter in the browser?

Is it the tablet or the reader???

Mmmm. Are you sure? If you are, I have to think a while…

OK. I decided to buy a Coby Kyros MID7015 7-Inch Android Internet Touchscreen Tablet instead…

Resistive touchscreen, processor is less powerful than 90% of all android phones on the market.

Also no Google Android market, it takes a bit of skullduggery to get it on there.

I have this, I would not recommend it even at this price.
It is upgradeable to some lighter ROMS that allow you to install a few more apps, but the memory for apps is really low, so no angry birds.

Also, a problem with this table is that it is not easy to connect to your home WiFi if you have the basic security settings.

So, to answer the other question, no, it is not really usable.

Is the internal Micro SD card user upgradeable?

So… can I get the item in the screenshot?


No because even if you root it and run it on custom software you still cant play games like angry birds on it. I have two of these (got them for christmas) had to return them 4 times before I got 2 models that didnt die and brick the same day opening

Resistive touch, DO NOT WANT! If it had Capacitive touch, then sold.