Velocity Micro T301 7” Cruz Tablet

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Velocity Micro T301 7" Cruz Tablet
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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60 dollar tablet, hell yeah. I mean who doesn’t love Velocity.

CNET review:


And here’s another YouTube review!

$60 for a tablet? Perfect for that little kid you have at home.

I wonder if there is going to be a Woot R.A.F.T. with this tablet.

Is this compatible with flash, netflix, or hulu?

i think this is the same tablet from woot i got last year, and if it is, it sucks. don’t get it

Anyone know if this can be rooted and/or are there any custom firmwares available for it? If so, I’m definitely in for one.

A tablet for $60? That’s nuts.

Alright, my dream of having screens in every drawer, in my fridge, in the cabinets, under the bed, behind the couch… EVERYWHERE. is about to come true.

You can’t be a true playa without flatscreens everywhere!


Well, biscuits! I just dropped $250 on a Nook Tablet + screen protectors + case and spent a weekend learning how to install CM7 because I thought this was the best bang-for-the-buck deal, and now Woot puts this up for sale! Maybe I should just return my Nook and get this instead? In for one!

So in the place it seems like they’d mention the processor, it says “stylish”. Instill confidence that does not.

Here’s the website for this model.

Doesn’t look like its flash enabled.

to answer questions posted, it can’t be used for flash or Youtube, it can’t be rooted ect.

It is good for reading books, so if you wanted to get a nook you may as well go this route.

Bad review on Amazon. Only 2.8 out of 5.

I have this tablet and it can be rooted however there is no custom firmware for it.

You are getting what you pay for with this tablet, it is incredibly slow and rather frustrating to use but if you really want a tablet then go for it I guess.

Froyo? Seriously, is it 2010?

4:3 viewing? Uh no, next. Not a woot-off? Son of a…

Reviews are all over the place. Seems like it’ll do what the price says it will. Expecting an iPad - You’ll hate it. Expecting an inexpensive tablet for basic functions - worth the $60.

Amazon reviews:

Actually this can be rooted.

Okay, $60 for a tablet. This seems too good to be true so I have to assume this tablet can’t do everything you’d expect it to. Can you give me a realistic idea of what to expect with this thing?