Velocity Micro T301 Android Tablet

Here it was last time it was offered on woot This tablet isn’t powerful enough to play angry birds, but If you wanna watch youtube clips (Clips not movies), check your email, and read e-books on it this would be a pretty decent buy. If I hadn’t spent so much money during the last woot-off I think I would buy one of these so I could keep recipe books in the kitchen.

Heres a good comment with a video link from last time too

Welcome back! FYI: this outage was caused by severe storms in the NE that took out the Amazon Web Services (AWS aka Cloud) and affected many websites such as NetFlix, Pinterest, Skype, and more.

Just per-ordered the Google Nexus 7. Been looking for a good 7" tab replace one of my 3 10" iPads but all the reviews I read on $50-$100 7" tabs were not very good. At 1/2 the cost of the iPads I purchased, I could not resist the new 16GB Nexus 7.

That said, this is a good price and if all you are going to use it for is reading recipes in the kitchen I am sure it would be fine.

Does this play toddler games like Dr. Seuss, Thomas&Friends, puzzles?

I got this for my husband for Xmas. It’s crappy. Pretty much only good for reading books.

I had one of these tablets for about 6 weeks… Slow, clunky, extremely limited in what it could do. About the time I got really frustrated with its limitations it conveniently crapped out, permanently. No help from their technical support either - they had no idea what happened… Back it went… I now have an Acer A100 running Ice Cream Sandwich, and I couldn’t be happier. This T301 tablet might be good for a kid, but it’s really slow so not good for a lot of games… I’d spend a little more money and get something decent.

I think I might get two knives from sport.woot instead. :slight_smile:

Can you buy a keyboard for this like you can with the other tablets?

It was the thought that counts.

I don;t know what people are expecting for $50 but I’ve had mine for about 6 weeks and it’s great. I have a windows tablet for big stuff but this is a great reader I use both Kobo and Kindle apps and have downloaded Overrdrive media for library books. I did speak with the customer service department about browsing and after their info I changed my home page and browser to yahoo and since no real probles For $50 I was surprised how responsive the company was to help me. You’ll be glad you got one

For $50, it might be worth the price for parts alone. I’m sure that some tinkerers out there might be able to find a use for a 7" resistive touch screen…

I think it’s criminal that manufacturers continue to make, and resellers continue to sell, tablets based on Android 2.2. You should run, don’t walk, away from anything with less than 3.0. 4.0 is nice buy 3.0 is the first platform that handles phone apps cleanly. With 2.x, you’ll just have a substandard experience. Very few native tablet apps and a bad experience with phone apps (don’t run/poor display).

I bought it as a reader, but only kindle and FBReader work regularly. Kobo craps out all the time and on other wouldn’t work the cruzreader app could even get installed. It is very limited.

through a quick Google search it seems this cannot handle Netflix (at least not without basic hacking)

there is zero development on XDA or elsewhere really.

I haven’t ever tried so hard to find a reason to buy something. Definitely pass on this, skip happy hour a few weeks, and put the saved money towards a nexus 7

I have the older model of this tablet, T103, and I think it’s great!! Ok, so maybe you can’t play angry birds or plants vs zombies but, you can play chess, connect four, master mind, etc.

I mainly got this to watch videos which works well enough. AVI video quality is good but the user interface could be better. Trying to touch the slider bar to advance or reverse video can take multiple tries. I love the feature of the SD card slot so you can just load up a card with videos and switch it out as needed. On board speakers aren’t that great so just use headphones and get a spliter to share.

I’ve also read PDFs on this and, again, it’s fine but could be better. Unlike the kindle, I was only able to have one book (in pdf format) open at a time. Sometimes the PDF viewer would close and I would lose my place in the book.

Battery life is fantastic but makes the tablet heavier.

I have had to hit the reset button a couple of times. It’s probably from removing the SD card while it’s off.

The T301 is a capacitive touch screen. I have an R103 which is resistive.
This product is really an e-reader, not a tablet. It has no camera or microphone nor some of the other features common to real tablets, but it can do some basic tablet stuff. If your needs are simple (browsing, e-mailing, e-reading or VNC), It’s fine. Because it has a MIPS processor rather than an ARM, only about half of the apps will run. The MIPS processor runs at a variable speed of 133 to 533mHz, however, there are custom roms that you can flash to the t301 that will enable the 800mHz mode. It’s more responsive, but also more prone to crash. You also loose about 50% of the battery life at 800mHz. To play embedded videos, I installed skyfire 2.3 browser (not the latest 4.xx). Also, installing the Rok media player and k9 mail were good additions. So, for $50 you get a portable web surfer and e-reader that can also play audio and some low res video files. If that’s all you need, then it’s a pretty good deal.

This is a cheap bare bones tablet. Given it’s price it is pretty nice. Put the Amazon app store on the tablet and you can pretty much put everything but the Nook app on there. And if you know what you are doing you can put that on as well.

Some things like Angry birds will not do well on the tablet. My 9 year old nephew has one of these and uses to play music, read books, play movies, and even use some office apps to write up home work.

Actually, most of the apps from the Amazon App Store do not work - some do, most do not. It’s kind of a crap shoot as to which ones will. You try to download and launch them and most fail, but sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised.

That said, you can put in a 32GB SD card, and load it up with movies, music, and have a small, device to watch movies (yes, you can watch a ripped movie), check email, occasionally surf the web, and the battery last 7-8 hours.

Look at the price - it is 1/10 of the cost of an IPad, and generally worth quite a bit more than that. I won’t give up the IPad, but this is probably worth $50.

Avoid this tablet. We got it when it was on Woot! First, the browser wouldn’t work. Several calls to tech support got that solved, as that is how long it took to find someone who knew anything. Then apps from their own store wouldn’t install or run either. That one mystified tech support as well. Then there were the freeze ups and resets, which wiped out all user entered data and programs. Then we found out it wouldn’t play Flash based games. I finally got fed up and contacted Cruz management…twice. No answer.

Apparently Woot! doesn’t want it either…according to the site instructions we can’t return it to them.

So, if you want a clunky buggy tablet, dodgy tech support, couldn’t care less managers, and like to waste money, this tablet is for you! Otherwise, move along, nothing to see here.