Velocity Micro Ultimate Keyboard by Creative

ah, finally a voice of reason!

good catch

If I hadn’t just bought a new keyboard, I’d have bought this already.

Anyone know how long the cable on this is? Just says it can be shortened, but I need one that can fit around my desk.

here is a good picture

Review spotted (more pics)…

Would be nice if someone made an ergonomic gaming board.

Get the Saitek Eclipse II if you get a back lit keyboard! >:D

I definitely agree :slight_smile:

and a deal-breaker for me. As a dvorak user, I like having ins and del in the standard positions for clipboard controls, given that ^X, ^C, and ^V aren’t in convenient spots for me to use them for such things. (shift+del, ctrl+ins, and shift+ins, respectively)

What I really want is a 104-key Model M Dvorak. (although, with rearrangeable keycaps…)

Dang, I would like a blue lit keyboard, but yeah. Didn’t spot the keyboard layout on the first pass through the pic myself 'til I skimmed and caught a few mentions of it on the board like yours.

First buy… and after looking at the Saitek, I want to cancel the order… can we do that? (Dammit the Saitek has more colors!x_X)


Wow ya nice, they are 60 bucks however.

I disagree. There is an issue with the Saitek Eclipse II where certain key combinations keep you from using more than two keys at the same time. It will be a frustration for most gamers.

meh i wouldnt mind haveing a razer keyboard but hey they are expensive and i need and upgrade now so for the money ill settle and probably be happy since its still better than the ancient soyo keyboard im useing now. for the money and for someone who is low on cash and cant afford a better one this is a pretty good deal in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: im sure ill enjoy it as much as the sweet ass razer copperhead i got off regular woot.

Darth Tater

Does this keyboard have anti-ghosting technology?

Actually it’s probably more a copy of the Saitek Eclipse keyboard which was around prior to the G15 and I already have both of them. Was more curious about the “micro” part of the name.

So true. I have a IBM PS2 keyboard (cast metal, mech switches, nice bounce) that I use when I’m doing any serious writing. The feel of it is closer to a typewriter, without the delay. There’s nothing like solid tactile feedback !!

Gaming is inherently non-ergonomic.