Velocity Micro Ultimate Keyboard by Creative

for all ur type in the dark needs buy 3

PUUURDY Keyboard

Terrible Ins, Del, Home, End layout…

Does this work with Zune??

Does this work with Zune??


A keyboard for all the g-thugs?!

Yay ground effects.

Lets get to the Tivos!

This product blues.

It’s fun to say, “Velocity Micro Ultimate.”

Impluse buy FTW!

$31.99 on overstock

$39.99 on ebay!

oh my goodness… what an amazing deal… I’m gunna buy three… You should too! :wink:

I hear the LED lights increase your system performance…

Wheres the bacon?

My MBP already glows in the dark, and it doesn’t blind you.

damn you woot, i just bought 1 for 25!!!