Velvet Elvis 1.5L Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon



Velvet Elvis 1.5L Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Special numbered Limited Edition
1 2004 Velvet Label Napa Valley Cabernet Magnum with Velvet Gift Box

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Nice job, Brinkman, on the guess!


i thought all gifts during gift week will be like the one on Monday… non-alcomoholic


does this also go with the singing fake elvis head sold by woot earlier?


I guess gift week was a bust?

I was looking forward to picking up some presents…


its awesome how fifty years later you can still put elvis’ face on any stupid thing and still triple the price. Lame .


Kinda glad VT is off the list. I’d almost CERTAINLY have suckered in for at least one of these, possibly 2 (Polyphemus needs a buddy).


what gave you that impressioin?

They just said “7 hints, but not 7 wines” last week.

I suspect we will see at least one more wine this week.

Can’t wait to see the tasting notes on these if anyone has any.


Found it here:

“original price” (was it ever original) of $109.99… on sale for $64.99


what the heck… Woot Wine is selling an actual wine product during gift week? There goes my “woot wine high”. At least i got in on the wine truffles yesterday


What happened to gift week?


Howell Mountain and Rutherford dust. Pretty good juice.


YAY!! Wine back on wine.woot!!! woooohooooo


Here some more info:


Having not had the Velvet Elvis, I can’t speak to it specifically… but - we have had several Graceland Cellars cab sauv’s (2003 The King, 2003 The King Limited Edition, and 2003 The King Second Edition) and have not been impressed with any of them. Of course, maybe 2003 was just a bad year?

I vaguely remember thinking a Blue Suede Chardonnay was okay, but not fantastic, and maybe I had the same reaction to a Jailhouse Red Merlot, but both of those bottles were drunk without tasting notes.

Happy Wooting.


Finally back to our woots! This bottle is produced by Graceland Cellars and sells for $69 at their site (on sale…reduced from $110).

So tempting, but I just spent $200 at Wine Library. That Chocolate Block was calling my name.



Love the dual Elvis theme with shirt.woot! So very clever! So very WineDavid!


was it LEATHERY??? … <badummmbump-snare> … I’m here all week. tip your waitress. try the veal.


Here is another link. This one it is only $64.95


is my post invisible? (sad face)