Vendor Portal Not Allowing to Submit A Deal


I have been trying to submit my product through the Vendor Portal to Woot for the last 5 days and keep getting an error. I thought it was a browser thing with Chrome, so went over to IE and Firefox, but received the same error. So now I think there may be one of the fields that are causing the failure. Any help to get the Vendor Submit From to work would be appreciated. I attached an image of the error I am getting.

Have the same problem. Did you know how to solve it?

Hi there. We’ve had a problem since last Friday but it is fixed as of late Tuesday night. Try clearing out cookies & cache and try again.

I have a try just now. Still have the same problem. :disappointed: Do you have other methods to submit deals?

I just tested and it worked fine. What error are you seeing? What browser are you using and on what platform?

I’m sorry you’re still experiencing problems. Could you try clearing cookies for that page and try again. It is working now,

No, we don’t have another way.

If you still have problems, I need to know the exact error.

I tried Chrome and Firefox. After clear cookies and cache. Every time I submit, it shows that error request failed with status code 500. Don’t know what’s the problem. Can I send the content that we want to submit to your team through email?