Vengeful Cookie

Fun fact: Cookie Monster didn’t even get to finish singing C is for Cookie.

I’d like to try that piece of meat. It looks good. Blue… but edible.

hahaha, quite the bad ass cookie :0

C is for Cookie Monster

My condolences to TJost. ;p

you could say Cookie Monster got his just desserts :laughing:

Congrats sir!

Love it! First shirt on woot in a while that I am buying. Partially because it’s freaking awesome and partially because I think I now can get an XL instead of an XXL!

K is for Keto… :wink:

Seems that cookie has a chip on his shoulder.

Also on his forehead, his cheek, his chin…

I can tell by the steam rising from the Cookie Monster parts that this isn’t the BEST revenge.
Because revenge is a dish best served cold.