Venturer HD-DVD Player with 2 Random HD-DVD Movies

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New Venturer HD-DVD Player with 2 Random HD-DVD Movies, for $44.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Venturer SHD7000 1080i HD-DVD Player

FYI, it looks like it is a rebranded Toshiba HD-DVD player, so it may actually be good.

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anybody know how good this thing is?

Do they still make HD DVDs? Since Blu-Ray “won the race”?

Anyone who bought these from Woot before get titles besides Firewall and A Perfect Storm?

It’s guaranteed to be obsolete before it’s shipped to you. It’s that good!

Alright… so its a Venturer hd-dvd player… OK… yeah Everyone knows HD DVD did NOT WORK… it stopped… is no longer in production!!! BUT heres what IS good about one of these units ;-). You can step UP a regular dvd using this. In other words, if you put a regular DVD into this, it’ll work fine, and infact it will tryyyy and invent new pixels… in areas where it thinks pixels should be. And intern make it 1080p. So i’d say… eh… if you have the 50 bucks go for it… why not… 2 dvds plus an hd dvd player… meh… its not going to be amazing… i probably wouldn’t do it… but if you really want to then do it.

Fry’s has a ton of HD-DVD’s in store for $10

Wow, lots of comments getting deleted… please note though that the player only manages up to 1080i – fewer pixels to invent, true, but don’t buy it thinking you’re getting 1080p.

Selection of Random Movies:

* 300
* Bourne Identity
* Rumor Has It
* Perfect Storm
* Firewall

Looks like this is what’s available. Hey, four out of five isn’t bad at all.

Is that like upconverting regular DVDs?

This was in the Woot-off on Nov 20th. Sold 200 of 'em. Same dealage then as now. If you missed out the first time, here’s your second chance! :-]

(Oops! I see I’m a little late … sorry.)

I bought this from a prior wooting.

EXCELLENT PLAYER. The wannabe comedians can snicker, but there are tons of cheap HD DVDs out there that go nicely with this inexpensive unit. As a upconverting player, it also serves that purpose also.

You’ll probably have to update the firmware, but that’s not rocket science.

BluPay has nothing that interests me. That is unless I want to pay more and get less…


Yes hd dvds on sale right now at borders for under $10 Planet earth the complete season for under $10 wow.

do they give you a HDdvd player with a purchase too? :slight_smile:

Nope, thats what you will get - random does not visit this deal.

Yeah, basically. Personally, I’d hold out for a holiday-priced name-brand (I know Venturer’s not that poor a brand, but I’m talking higher-tiered) DVD player with HD upconverting. You’d probably be able to find it at the same price, if not lower, than this model. Sure, you don’t get the two HD-DVDs with it, but…meh, I own most of the available movies on DVD anyway, so for me it doesn’t really come in handy. shrug

I have this, it works great just like my hd-a3. You can’t buy any new releases on hd but i have been stocking up on my old favorites for an average of about 4$ a movie. Since buying my Venturer on woot last time i have since bought an hd-a3 off ebay for 30$ and about 40 of my favorite movies. On another note I love how everyone compares this to laserdisc and betamax, You know cause they were hd and all. Frys, border, deepdiscount, and inetvideo all have great deals on dvds. With this and a few discs you could get into hd dvd movies at less then the price of a blackfriday bluray player.

Thats what they say, but everyone who posted got Firewall and Perfect storm last time - Im betting it will be the same now.