Verbal Vorpal Sword

This shirt’s got a point.

my fastest shirt buy ever.

Wabe, not Wade… Always turn off spell check when typing out Jabberwocky.


Methinks tis for use against the bunny if the hand grenade of Antioch is in your other britches?

So awful about the typo. If this were correct, I’d buy it so fast…

I announced to my family last week that I NEED NO MORE T-SHIRTS.

Then I saw this.

Memorized this entire poem in 5th grade which was 45 years ago. Still recite it from time to time. Must have the shirt as a cheat sheet now that I’m old and my memory is fading.

I looked, I love. I’m going to have the poem in my head all night. Thank you : )

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me… unless those words make up a sword… and you stab me with the sword… that would hurt.

I wonder if they’ll fix it before printing. Will pass until a fix is confirmed.

Likewise. I would love to own this shirt, but my inner-perfectionist would never allow me to rest without a correction to the typo.

In other words, Woot, for the love of all us Jaberwock-nerds, please fix the mistake before printing? Pretty please? With sugar on top? And a cherry for good measure?

I did a dramatic interpretation of this poem at 12 for my childrens’ community theater group. I did a damn impressive job. Someone please buy this for me. Still broke, and you guys keep toying with my emotions…

I did a little research and it does appear that the word should be “wabe” instead of “wade”.

I’ve notified staff and we should have an answer sometime later this morning.

Thanks to all for spotting the wong wade…I mean…wrong wabe…I mean…you know…


Welp. Sent off the correct file. I have nothing to say for myself other than I’m dumb.

The stanza repeats itself at the end even, and I got it right there.

I apologize to lovers of the poem whom I have wounded. And to Woot for me being an idjit.

I’ve also alerted them to the typo, hopefully they’ll chime in sometime later this morning and let us know. Thanks for the shirt though, it’s pretty amazing! :smiley:

EDIT: FROM STAFF: As soon as an artful minded monkey arrives in the office it will be addressed and fixed.

I just bought a Legendary BoC shirt yesterday and now this… are you trying to bankrupt me?

Must… resist…

Well, now I can buy + sleep.

good night