Verbal Vorpal Sword

clever, but
too small.

Poor monkey! I mean, bad enough you’re slapping a shipping label on it, but you’re sending it off to the vet for a snipping?

For maximum fun, realize that Jabberwocky is close to ‘common meter’ and thus can be sung to a large number of tunes (it has an extra syllable every other line you have to work in). It works very nicely with Greensleeves, William Tell Overture, and with a bit of motification - Love Shack (“He galumphed back! He galumphed back, baby…”)

I remember watching people in public speaking wandering around the cafeteria reciting this for extra credit :slight_smile:

“Vorpal sword?” In my email?

Beside the misspelling which I understand will be corrected, but I have to see it with my own eyes, of course, this being one of the more colorful “poems” in the English language is depressingly grey:(

So I will wait patiently, until Woot does a more colorful version of a frumious Bandersnatch, or perhaps a Jubjub bird. And then I will think fondly of my 7th grade English teacher, who used Jaberwockish to teach parts of speech.

I like the rationalization. Well done.

I was determined not to buy any more t shirts until I saw this one. A Vorpal sword! Yeah! If the pen is sharper than than sword, then a vorpal sword penned with words has got to be the sharpest of all. :slight_smile:

hahaha That was the first thing I noticed when magnifying. I wish they could correct that but it’s still an awesome shirt.

Thank you for mentioning this. I didn’t think about Spell Check (I NEVER think about it) but how very sad to go to all that trouble to create a BEAUTIFUL design and then screw it up with a misspell.

I’ll be buying this shirt as soon as it’s fixed. Love it, but seems silly to buy a shirt that we all know to be wrong. This shouldn’t be too hard to fix…

Thank you! I was afraid I was the only one…

Oh no, it does say Wade - I don’t think I can do it now.


It will be fixed before it is sent.

Allay, Allay, word worries allay,
Woot has saved the frumious day.
Into the gingery comments go
and see that they have spoke it so.

Cool design, hope it gets fixed soon so I can buy one!

Same here - although maybe only 35 years ago for me. Will purchase if we can verify the typo will be fixed and then, “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

Boy Blue will return to us!

I will chortle in my joy on the frabjous day when this is fixed… and I can buy it!!!

I’m glad everyone caught this and that staff responded so quickly. Trusting that the change will be made before this goes to print, I’m clicking that button now!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

My grampa taught me this poem when I was pretty young. He’s been gone now for 8 years, but I can still remember him telling it; the way his eyes lit up with “snicker snack!” I think it’s the only poem I now know by memory.
I’m getting pretty nostalgic over here, and I’m clicking the buy it button right after the “post” button below. Thanks Woot, you’ve now made my day!