Verbal Vorpal Sword

This is the woot cause of all ilwiteracy!

And, hast thou slain the shirtwoot typo?
Come to my arms, my beamish tee!

For me it was 7th grade in “Study Skills” class. That was um… (pulls out his abacus)… 37 years ago.

I don’t remember all of it, but certainly most.

Hey guys, we will indeed be updating. Rasabi has provided new art, you should see it up soonly.

Edit: Fixed.

Oh my glarf— the description on this item is fooferiffic.

Thanks for showing the corrected t-shirt on the sales page. It reassured me that it would be correct when I get it. Now, if you could correct the blurb to say “real words” rather than “real worlds” my little English teacher heart would be so happy.

People in Wyoming are not amused!

Not one sold, no no no no!
Not one sold, yeah yeah yeah yeah!

hahahaha Jaberwocky must have skipped this state, or the whole state was furious with the typo?

Whichever, it’s just one giant white block in the middle of all the grey.

jub jub.


the picture shows the image off to the left of center, the features states “Design Placement: Centered”

could someone clarify where the image is placed? i really don’t need a sword down the middle of my chest pointing to my “man sword”.

I saw this too. Looks like there’s a hole in the map, or the data for Wyoming has gone missing.

Lewis Carroll doing Jabberwocky:

it appears that this has been rectified; the placement is now listed as “right.”

no subconscious indication now.

Can I have one of the original incorrectly spelled shirts please? It’s all nonsense anyway, and if a small number of shirts with a typo were printed, they will have a certain scarcity value…

As only the Muppets could…

If the diagram is correct, the design is definitely on the left. Unless we’re looking at the back of the shirt. Or if you’re from the Southern hemisphere. Or if you’re situs inversus. Or all three (but not just two).

we’re all situs inversus up in here.

i’ll inquire about getting the placement confirmed.

UPDATE: it’s the right. placement is from the perspective looking AT the design, not based on the wearer’s perspective.

i got all confused with that myself. the earlier placement blunder + the typo have really made me question everything i thought i knew about the world.

@PemberDucky - thanks for the clarification! shirt ordered!

I floogle “Alice in Wonderland”! Why, oh why, must this shirt be only available in gray? :frowning:

I love Alice in Wonderland and this poem in particular, although I regrettably admit I have not memorized this poem yet. I’ll fix that someday. Mostly I love this design seeing as how my name is boldly printed there in black and white right at the tip of the sword. I can usually only get personalized stuff at Christmas…