Verge Dry Creek Valley Syrah - Two Pack

Verge Dry Creek Valley Syrah - Two Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 2 2007 Verge Dry Creek Valley Syrah
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boo server errors… I’m trying to buy, here!

Weird… were woot’s servers just broken or does my new router prohibit purchasing and commenting at woot? :-/

Same here too.

please voice up if you’ve been or experieced this winery?

I am a little surprised they went with the Doris Day theme in the write up this time, considering the actual K syrah was offered a while back

Actually, if this wine is from BS (i.e., BD) infested Vineyards, I’ll have to pass. That would certainly explain the price…

How would you know?

Will wait for the winemaker’s response. See the write-up.

From reading their website it looks like they practice biodynamic farming preparations on their Unti vineyard, but I didn’t see anything about them being certified biodynamic.

Did you mean the wine.woot write-up, or the winery write-up?

Still unable to order.

The writeup in the first post.

checking on it.

Alerted the codeslaves to the problem as well.

Worked for me now … :happy:

Sorry all, maybe if I had checked earlier?? :wink:

Edit: Darn it!!!

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Problem is fixed now. Sorry about the hassle.

Here is some good info on fermenting with wild yeast:


Personally, I would never do it for more than an experiment. The whole point is to control as many variables as possible to create a fine drink. But that’s just me…

Sorry to say, if the “Problem” you refer to is the fact that we cannot order this wine, then it is NOT fixed; at least not for me. I still get the sign saying something went wrong.