Verge Dry Creek Valley Syrah - Two Pack

I’m sorry, mail-order wine just should not cost $23 a bottle. I can get a great bottle locally for 12-15 bucks. Always.

Are these any good…I’m itching to buy.


Verge Dry Creek Valley Syrah - Two Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 2 2007 Verge Dry Creek Valley Syrah
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2007 Verge Dry Creek Valley Syrah

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wtf, I got these last time and they were 49.95 + shipping! I haven’t cracked into them yet because they seemed young…looks like I’m not alone amongst the CTcommunity either. Any more feedback from those who had this from last time on why I should dollar cost avg?

Previous Wootage.

this previous wootage link does not work :frowning:

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It is possible that there is a mistake, and the price will go up in a second. But maybe not. If you do want some, I’d get it now, just to be safe.

If you’re not factoring in the cost of the six $12 bottles you tried that all kinda sucked before finding that great one, then yeah, I believe you. I’ve never had a bottle from Woot that I haven’t thought was great - including the $9 (shipped!) TLC that I just (ill-advisedly) bought another case of this morning. That ability to trust Woot to do us right is by itself worth any premium you may think they’re putting on their wines.

If you think it’s too expensive, don’t buy it. The rest of us can make that decision on our own too.

This was my Lab Rat report from the last offering - this is a screaming deal.


I was thrilled to be chosen as a Labrat!

I was also surprised, since I had purchased the wine by accident. Rather, my cat had purchased it by accident while traversing my keyboard to finish the milk in my Count Chocula. It could have been worse, I could have been the proud new owner of the complete Miami Vice box set. That would have been bad, as I already own two sets - one to watch, and one to sell at a rummage sale in 10 years.

I was pleased, however, that it was a Syrah, since I use Syrah to make my favorite mexican-themed cocktail, the Syra-“P” (Jigger of Mezcal, 3oz Syrah, 1oz Vernor’s ginger ale, 1oz Maple Syrup (Grade A Amber only!!). I like that almost as much as my Caber-Nehi, the recipe for which is a closely-held family secret.

I decided not to adulterate the Labrat wine, however, since, as I understand the Labrat role, I am meant to provide tasting notes; and I have no idea whether prospective buyers have access to Vernor’s. So I opted to have the wine with my normal Thursday dinner, a nice ruby red grapefruit and cottage cheese.

As luck would have it, I was out of both cottage cheese and grapefruit! So I poked around the freezer looking for Elk or something my Grandmother made for me. Sadly, I don’t hunt (I should have remembered that before I went digging….), and while I did find a tray of my Grandmother’s Lasagne, she has been dead for several years - decades actually - and the freezer burn had fused the noodles to the aluminum pan (at least I think they were noodles).

I ended up having to settle for some black pepper lamb. I know, I know, it’s a distant fourth choice for Syrah pairing, but I was starving and the stores were closed. At least my stereo was still working, so I dropped my favorite dinner music on the turntable - Kiss Destroyer - and dug in.

First Glass:

“GET UP…Everybody’s gonna move their feet!”

First taste - straight from the bottle, cellar temp, was flat, grassy, heavy tannins, but a huge, deep purple color promised that this was no indication of things to come. Who, for example, could predict that “King of the Nightime World” would eventual lead to “Shout it out Loud”?

Second Glass - One pass thru the Vinturi

“God of Thunder and Rock and Roll, the Spell you’re under, will rob you of your virgin soul!”

Ahhhh, that’s better. Some spice on the nose, a little astringency. Full bodied, tannins very strong. Oh no, lamb is getting overdone!!

Third Glass - Decanted for about one hour

“Flaming Youth will set the World on Fire”

Now things are getting interesting. Tannins immediately mellow on the lamb tips. Not bad with the Brussels sprouts either. Wonderful combination. Strawberry notes come out, and some cinnamon coming through as well.

Fourth Glass - decanted for about two hours

“Beth I hear you calling…but I can’t come home right now”

Post meal, the wine has really opened up. Leather and currants on the nose, big purple color, astringency is gone. Strawberries, spice, currants on the finish. Tannins still very pronounced, but in a year, who knows? I can’t wait to try…

Also - the cheese crackers (which are 100% cheese) - from Kitchen Table Bakers - are AWESOME.

Pics below

We had one bottle left from the last time this was offered so my husband went and opened it. It is a great wine, excellent flavor - super smooth with a great lingering aftertaste. I’m in for 3.

I think this one should work a little better:

Thanks for a very woot-like report. I’d been waffling as I already bought a case of the TLC today and since none of the links to the previous woots were working and I desperately needed someone to push me to spend a little more than I usually do.

Keep on posting!

I’ve been missing out on this Woot-off due to vacation, but I stopped in to check and had to go in for two of these. I’m in the need of some good Syrah, and I like the pricing on this deal.

I would’ve gone for three, but I’ve got to save some ammunition in case more good stuff comes up later.

Ewwww. And very true.

well it looks like this 1 will and the wootoff.


In for a set even with the BioD mix, but the price is right. Here’s hoping it’s good juice for the bucks.

OK, I’ve bought 50 or so bottles on woot this year, but I’m still pretty new to this whole idea. How do you know when a wootoff is happening? (That’s what’s happening now, right?) Do you just have to keep an eye on the site? I would have loved to get more of the TLC, either red or white, which I think (based on the one bottle of each that we’ve drunk already) is a screaming deal. I did manage to stumble into one of the last wootoffs and grab the Wellington Syrah 4 back that I had missed before, so all is well, but maybe there’s something I’m missing about how this is all put together?

Thanks for the help!


Recently speaking, there has been a woot newsletter that has gone out the week before a wootoff. Now, the last several have also been during the middle of the week, so it’s been rather convenient. Woot, being the non-conformist organization that they are, may change this at any time, but if you go into the account section of the site, where they store your credit card digits and such, you can probably opt-in to receive the email.

Nothing can tell you exactly when a wootoff is coming, but if you check every night…

Granted, this review is a 2006 vintage, but it speaks to the quality of Verge Wine and may be of interest. The more “knowledgeable” (dare I say, “opinionated”) wootists amongst us may say 2006 has no relevance to 2007, but you can certainly chose not to read it:

Verge Wine Cellars
Dry Creek Valley
2006 Syrah
Price: about $40

This Syrah is a stunning first effort from Verge Wine Cellars. It has lush dark berry and plum flavors with hints of spice and cocoa lingering in the background that lead to a long, polished finish. With its firm tannins and assertive character, this wine should probably be decanted for at least one hour before serving, since it will then open up and blossom beautifully. While it is certainly complex enough to accompany fine cuisine, this wine can also complement less lofty fare. For example, I cannot imagine a more pleasant way to transcend the trials of a chilling winter day than with a glass of Verge Wine Cellars Syrah and a bowl of hearty stew served with some crusty home-made bread. Since allocations of this limited-production wine will be small in all markets, I urge wine lovers to obtain a bottle as soon as possible.