Verizon Wireless Qi Wireless Charging Stand

According to Verizon this will not support iphone8 plus

I believe it was made before the iPhone8+. 5V and 1A, should work fine.

Won’t 5watts be extremely slow to charge?

That’s 1A which is the standard for Wireless Charging. Some phones support “fast” wireless charging, but that’s only 1.4Amps so not a huge difference and yes it’s a lot slower than most modern USB chargers. Still for something you prop your phone on all day while you’re at work it does the job of keeping the phone topped up

Received 2 today, both our iPhone8 & 8+ charge fine.

Does this come with the power adapter as well? It doesn’t specifically say and it is not listed as “in the box”.

Vendor confirms it is included. :slight_smile:

I bit the bullet and it does charge my iPhone 8 plus and another normal sized 8

Also both phones have an otter box and it still charges

Just got mine and it came with charger

Works with my iPhone 8+ unfortunately now everyone in the house wants one too but they don’t have 8’s so nanny nanny boo boo!

Anybody use one of these with a Galaxy S8? How fast does it charge?