Verizon Wireless Qi Wireless Charging Stand

Do you think this will work for the new iPhone X and is it fast charge? Thank you

I want to know if this will work for the iphone 5s?

The iPhone X supports Qi charging.

The iPhone 5s does not. Sometimes there are cases you can add that will let it use a Qi charger.

Definitely will work with the IPhone X, not fast charging though (5volts @ 1amp = 10watts).

Doesn’t work on a phone in a case - especially an Otter Box. It was a pain to keep taking the phone out of the case to charge.

Length of power cable? Caught a Groupon on a supposedly Samsung one, doesn’t come with a powerb cord. Says it supports fast, but doesn’t pop up when you drop it on.

I’ve had this same problem with aftermarket cables when using my Samsung wall charger directly connected to my Note 8. Some cables do not support the fast charging.

Ordered it and it will not work on my son’s iPhone or on my daughters or my Android.

Which models?

I got two! Works with my iPhone 8 and iPhone 8plus, each with otterbox case.

I had to remove a foam bumber on the bottom of the charger (it peals off easily)

I have my 8+ in a defender case and it works fine, in fact I have a harder time getting it to charge whenever I take the phone out of the case, with it on it works every time

Definitely works with iphone X with otterbox Statement Series case on, both horizontal and vertical positions. Length of power cord is about 6ft, but its a 12volt .75A brick style power supply with barrel connector not any type of USB. Have 3 so far and works great. Since its refurb, some come with scratches but not to bad.