Versa Wrench 12” 31-in-1 Ratcheting Wrench - 2 Pack

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Versa Wrench 12� 31-in-1 Ratcheting Wrench - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Versa Wrench V20023 12� 31 in 1 Ratcheting Wrench

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Does anyone have any experience with these, if so, would you recommend them? On par with Craftsman?

Sweet! Double fisted wrenching!

One for the car and one for the garage. Not a bad Woot.

good father’s day gift?

why would anyone need two of these?

Metric or SAE???

I got 3 from the Woot-off, and used one- actually very good quality and works great. If I didn’t already have 3, I’d buy now!

Oh, and there’s a lifetime warranty on it from the manufacturer, but you gotta pay $5.50 for shipping, which kinda kills that deal if it breaks…

These were cheaper during the last Woot-off. They were $1.99 each, as opposed to $4.99 for a pair. I got three, gave two as gifts and kept one. Definitely worth this price. This time around, you’re able to get 6, so I may just have to pick a few more up as gifts, even with the slight price increase.

it’s for both, it’s adjustable, so i don’t think it really matters, right?

I got four of them from here previously, and they are utter junk! They refuse to grip anything with enough force to do any good.They often won’t even grip loosely for that matter, and I’m no newbie with hand tools. Avoid like the plague! That reminds me: I have to see about returning them…

I got 4 of these things. I bought one the first time Woot had them, and went for 3 of them last time. I’m giving them away - except for the one I bought for myself originally.

bought 3 during woot off. TOO big. Easily the most worthless tool i have ever bought. I have yet to find a practical use and I’m a :fix it" kinda guy. Better off spitting in gale force wind and catching the blowback

I’m glad woot isn’t giving up their nuts.

Bought these a few months ago…they are not user friendly…you need an engineering degree to figure out how to use it, and when you finally figure it out, you will wonder what the point of it is.

I bought 3 during the woot-off as well and these are TERRIBLE wrenches. It auto-locks the gap based on how you orient the handle, so its useless in any tight or hard to reach spots.

hope there not unique equip.
cuz then what am i going to do with 2?

These were on sellout a while back…

I agree with the first review: “run forest run”… these things are no match for vice grips, or robo-grips.

Better yet, be a real man, and get a socket set.