Versonel Portable Toolbox Fridge-2 Colors

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Versonel Portable Toolbox Fridge-2 Colors
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I like my wrenches on the rocks…

Time to learn all about the warranty

Son’s been asking for a mini fridge for college, this would be perfect if it came with a lock to keep the roommate and friends out.

It is about $50 for a locking kit for your fridge, and another $80 for a mini fridge of 1.7 cubic ft capacity.

While the styling is cool, the price is way too much, and the warranty is awful.

This is a pretty interesting DIY solution:

The actual building of the lock comes in the latter half of the video. First 10-15 minutes is basically an introduction to RFID.

This is great if you have to hide your beer from your wife…or you’re Mormon…


Does anyone know if it would stand up to a Texas summer out in the garage?

If it’s portable then how is it powered? Batteries? Or is it plugged into the wall and therefore not really portable?

120 Volts - that’s a WHOLE LOTTA BATTERIES!

Nothing will stand up in a Garage in Texas in summer.