Versonel Stainless Kegorators - Pick One

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Versonel Stainless Kegorators - Pick One
Price: $449.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
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Is that spelled “Kegorator” or “Kegerator” ?

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UPDATE: Fixed!

Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz would approve

I see the cubic meters, but they don’t sell beer by the cubic meter…

anyone know if this will accommodate a 1/2 or 1/4 Barrel, and if 1/4 …tall skinny or the short squat traditional 1/4??


All of the above.

Yes, it can hold all of those! It can fit any american standard keg. I hope this helps!

haha, i was wondering the same thing. Also, is this thing mobile? i will i just have to drag it across my wood floors?

It is very mobile! Comes with front-locking castors. :slight_smile:

VSL155TDSS Stainless LCD Kegorator comes with wheels, the other does not.

This is the manufacturer - They BOTH come with castors. Sorry for any confusion!

and now at the risk of asking something I didn’t read…

Does the Freestanding CO2 tank and/or beer hose assembly differ from those included with the LCD model?

And as for pricing - the LCD is great a deal compared to $596.98 at the Mother Ship or $597.00 at Way/No Way Fair and WallyWorld.

The freestanding is still a deal but not quite the same savings as it’s $499.99 atthe Mother Ship,Way/No Way Fair and atWallyWorld.

LOL no worries. The assembly is the same for both models. The only difference between them is the LCD screen. Please feel free to check out the manufacturer website here:, which includes details and instructional videos for our kegerators. I hope this helps!

Anyone know the quality of the regulator and other internal tap parts used? Usually in the lower cost kegerators, you get cheap internals and have to spend another $200 to upgrade so you can actually get a good pour.

Also, if the wheels and railing are removed, could this fit under a counter? you’d have to modify the tower, or just have it sticking through the counter, but that would be doable.


Hello! These kegerators both get good feedback on Amazon - any issues are typically fixed watching our instructional video or talking with our tech for easy troubleshooting.
Yes, you can put it under a counter, you would simply need to run an additional line to the tower and make sure its insulated to keep the beer cold.
Please let me know if you have any additional questions! Thank you!

I think this is a fair deal for a simple set up, but once you start modifying it you are at the point where you are probably better off building your own kegerator or keezer.

As for the quality of the parts, I have no idea. Not likely Perlicks.

Definitely not Perlicks, can tell from pics.

But, Versonally (heh, heh), I think for the price its worth it. You can always modify/upgrade parts…add a tap, whatever. If you’ve ever built your own, you will know that the fact that it has the hole cut and the space for the kegs already accommodated is a huge start.

Joehrule, I am still giggling from the “versonally” pun, and already told everyone at the company about it. :slight_smile:

No, it is not a Perlicks kegerator, which run starting at $3K and are professional/commercial grade. Our kegerators are quality, at home beer dispensers that we 100% stand behind. It is easy to upgrade if you so chose, but will have a great pour as is. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Just because I’m not the greatest at imagining putting kegs into refrigerators, anyone know if this will fit 2x 5-gal corny kegs along with necessary hosing, etc.? And since they’re typically slightly different dimensions, will it fit 2x of either ball or pin lock cornies?