Versonel Stainless Kegorators - Pick One

Hi there! Don’t worry, we have had this question a few times before. YES, it can fit two 5gal Cornelius kegs. i hope this helps!

Is the tower cooled?

Hello! The tower is not cooled independently, however it is cooled from the air in the unit, and is insulated. I hope this helps!

Anyone know if this will work for Nitro Brew cold coffee?

Hmm, that is a new one for us. We can’t see any reason why not. Can you give us some more details about the keg size and connection? Thanks!

Tall and skinny is generally a 1/6 bbl also known as a 5.2 gal. 1/2 bbl being a 15.5 gal. There is also 13.2 gal or 50 liter.

Most common for domestics tend to be 5.2 and 15.5. At least in my area.

Then there are an assortment of randoms.