Versonel Stainless LCD Kegerator

Can I put this fridge under a bar? Is this for in cabnit installation?

Hello! You can put this in under a bar. If you are not going to have a cut out for the tap (meaning you want the tap on top of the bar) you will simply need to run an additional line to the keg, and make sure it is well insulated - no body likes warm beer! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!!

I was planning on buidling a bar in my basement and cutting out a whole for the tap. Is it tall enough for that?

Hi There!

You would simply need to run an additional line to make the tap tall enough for glasses to fit. You can always call or email Versonel for tips and advice on how to do so!

how long will it keep beer fresh?

Generally 2 months is a safe bet.