Very Dairy: Meat, Cheese & Truffles



Man, I’m glad to see this stuff taken away from wine.woot considering they can’t ship anything in any reasonable amount of time, but at least over there it was affordable. One or the other, I guess?


Oooh! I so wish I hadn’t just lost my mad money on a casino trip! This stuff looks MUCH better than any slot machine! Dang!


All of this looks so good. The only problem is the quantity. If I ate all this I would go from true559 to true_fat_bas%$#&.


I’ve been ordering cheese fairly regularly from iGourmet for several years now (my last order was a couple of weeks ago). I don’t think I’ve had any of the cheeses in this selection, but everything I’ve ever ordered from them has been excellent, so I imagine these would be as well.


Will the items with cheese included ship in a cooler or other insulated package with freezer packs?

Combination of price discount and significantly lower shipping costs make these offers even more of a bargain.


Have you ever been in a grocery store?


Yes, but what’s your point? 'Nuff Said.


Sadly, some of us don’t live near grocery stores that sell good cheese (or much of anything else).


Yes - this will ship to keep the cheese fresh - some bundles include a cooler