Very Hungry

Kaiju Caterpillar Attack!

I hope to see this in a onesie in the future.

Looks like an inchworm on steroids. Stay out of my neighborhood!

Hungry now, but just wait until this one grows up and turns into a butterfly!

Congrats on another print, Ocho!

A disaster shirt…fun. Caterpillar looks hungry, surprised and radioactive.

I was expecting this shirt! I was waiting with a gun, hiding in my house. Maybe I’ve released the gas in my basement, maybe I have a lit match in my hand as it hungerly destroys the roof.

It’s possible that I’ll buy the shirt and woot will have to deliver it to the burned remains of my city.

I LOVE this. Anything involving hungry caterpillars is a win in my book.

Literally my favorite book to this day.

Next week, the mega destruction match in the city between this caterpillar and the mecha-octopus!

Awe… A young Mothra. :slight_smile:

Growing caterpillars gotta eat!

In for one. Great tee, congrats ochopika!

The Caterpillar that ate Cincinnati …? :wink:

May 11 is Mothra’s Day…

yes!!! Caterpillar destroyer of worlds! love it :slight_smile: congrats

Ack! I missed these derby entries until now and I literally have a sketch of this same idea in my book. Curse you Ocho, you made my morning sad…and this is hilarious and I’ll probably have to get one for my son as he loves this book :slight_smile:

My six year old daughter just saw this and said “The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar? Why would he do such a thing?!”

I ADORE THIS- though imagining people in cocoons like in ALIENS creeped me out a bit-

Debating if my fam needs 2 or 3- :wink: Grats Ocho-

Anyone else immediately hear the hungry pumpkin?

“I’m very hongry! Give me the building! NO! I DON’T WANT THAT!”

That means he’d turn into Mothra. It’s his origin story!

I find your lack of toddler sizes, disturbing.