Vespa Backpacks and Messengers for $13.99

I bought one of the backpacks when they were $19? a few weeks back…they’re a nice (small) size but hold a lot of stuff. I had my 10" tablet, earbuds, 2 boxes of coconut water, 2 snack bars, my coffee thermos, and newspaper in it today. (could still carry more stuff) The straps are nice and wide so you can easily hang the pack off one shoulder if you want. The build quality is very good also. The handle is nice if you just want to carry it around. It’s a good pack, and a steal for $13 (+$5) I’m debating about buying a msngr bag…

ebags has three of these colors for 17.99 with free shipping. A dollar cheaper for those thrifty shoppers.

I bought the orange back pack when these were on Woot before. I love the thing. I do a lot of cycling and appreciate it’s narrow profile and ample storage space and organizer pockets. The only thing I would change is how heavy the top handle is, but that is a minor issue on such a great pack. Seriously considering picking up another.

I bought one before on woot. It works quite well for walking to work. I can fit my 10" tablet in it, plus my other things. The pocket on the strap is perfect for my ipod.

Only complaint is that the back is not designed for air circulation and it sweats a lot.

How is it in the sweaty back department? There doesn’t appear to be any breathability or ventilation in it. Is it at least padded?

Never mind. I missed what muzikanka had posted about that very subject.

I got these last time. They are very high quality bags, but they are really small. Really small! They aren’t even big enough for your kindergartener to take to school. It’s like a man’s handbag\purse. That what I’m talking about.

have anyone got the messengers? I need to know if they are big enough. I need to fit my 15,6" laptop + charger, mouse, and cooling pad, which is kinda huge.