Vespa City Backpack or Messenger Bag

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) on the backpack over at amazon

Take a look at this Previous Plus Sale with lots o bags

Got this last woot, and been pretty impressed for the price. big strong hardware (though some dont like it compared to the light fabric) and the small size is much easier to take on a little outing with the fam. can fill with snazks and a mini football. It even fits my 14inch ultrabook ( (though barely, its a little tight and without much true padding at the edges, with the zippers really bearing brunt of a fall). but a nice pickup that made me happy when i was paying for shipping anyway…

I am really interested in this backpack but can’t find any pictures of the inside of the front zipper pocket. If anybody already has this backpack I would love to see some pics.

Does anyone know if the green backpack is the same color as the sea foam green Vespa. I don’t want my greens to clash, thanks!

How fortuitous as I just bought a 2013 Dragon Red GTS 300.

It looks like it’s very close to me!

Plus it seems that the backpack at least fits in the pet carrier of your Vespa.

The messenger bags look appealing to me, but other pictures on the internet have them looking a bit… shinny… and the green looks more neon than the woot pictures. I’m torn. If they looked like these pictures in real life, then I’d really want one.

I bought 3 last time (though I think for more $) and I like it. It’s very durable. I gave one to my sis-in-law who travels a lot from NJ to NYC and it’s perfect for that. I use mine kind of like a big purse when I’m going out on a long day.

I like it!

Are they a sort of shiny parachute fabric in real life?

No more paypal? Will it ever comeback? When it does let me know and I’ll come back…
Now on to make my purchases elsewhere…

It’s parachute nylon, so it will have a sheen to it, but it’s not quite as “sheeny” as the pictures look. Photo lighting reflects more than regular lighting.

Are you sure this is the same “model number”?

Yep, that’s the same. The other pics are better. Black and green are lacking a little…

The front pocket really is pretty simple. There’s a sewn in pouch inside that opens up as you unzip the pocket. There’s also a fabric loop for sunglasses, keys, etc. That’s it. Elements like pen pockets or a cell phone holder are on the shoulder straps, along with a couple of daisy chains.

Bags, Pockets and Videos

The inner workings of a bag are so important, yet time and again all we see are one or two external shots (not just Woot, but from Woot I expect something “above average”).

I would love if bag offers always had a link to even a crappy, unpolished video of a Woot employee opening the bag and showing it from different angles. This would be so easy to do.

Before you shoot down the idea because “low production value video will cost us sales”, please stop and consider how many sales you lose from people (like me today and earlier this week) who passed on the deal solely because I didn’t want to take the risk that the inside design was lousy.

If you look at past bag sales, I think you’ll find (as today) it’s pretty common for wooters to be asking, looking, begging for more pictures and pictures of the insides, specifically.

Love Woot - I’m just trying to make it better.

Will both of these bags good for kids school bag ?
I know that wont fit for a bunch of books but for a library trip ?

Check this site out for a pic with bag open. Click on the white bag below the main picture.

I concur. I’m really picky on bag design especially if I plan on carrying the bag every day.