Vespa City Backpacks and Messengers

Anyone have any idea how big these really are - as in how much stuff can you put in them? They look like smaller bags.

Amazon has them (backpacks) for $24.94 each, and they have good reviews.

Looks like a small/mid-size backpack. $21.99 at clearance.

The official site link goes to Vespa USA, which is all the scooters and so forth. I would guess that this could be found under the merchandise section of their site, but that’s on a whole other domain ( which currently displays what appears to be a SQL error.

Searching the model number doesn’t bring up anything looking like an official site, either.

I’m really interested, but without being able to get more information, I may decide against it.

Found this describing the green one.

RGA Leatherworks VP106165-Green Nylon Basic Messenger
Green-Carry and protect your laptop computer and other work or school necessities with hands-free comfort and bright, casual, designer style in the Vespa Basic Laptop Messenger. This lightweight yet durable nylon bag features flapover construction and a contrasting rubber Vespa logo patch, and it’s available in several colors. It has quick-release buckle closures, and it boasts a spacious, lined interior with a padded, secured laptop computer compartment; an organizer panel that includes pen sleeves, business/credit card slots, and open and zippered pockets; and plenty of room for your files or folders and documents. It comes with both a sturdy webbing handle and a padded, adjustable shoulder strap. Length14.5"Height: 5"Width: 18"

The backpacks are on the small side, but do expand quite a bit, much to my surprise.

I can fit a filled letter-sized manila envelope into the main compartment (although the top edges of the envelope do get bent a bit), along with my entire lunch (a couple of 8-10oz containers, 2 snack baggies, and a couple of small bottles) and a very thin sweater. The main compartment also has a small zippered pocket on one side and a webbed pocket on the other side, and a double-sided zipper.

The smaller front compartment can fit my wallet (which is large enough to fit my credit cards, money, and my cell phone so it is a fairly thick wallet), some large over-the-ear headphones, sunglasses, and a small sandwich baggie of miscellaneous whatnots. The small front compartment also has an open pocket and a smaller, divided, webbed pocket (both on the same side), and a double-sided zipper.

And the teeny compartment in the very front can hold… I dunno… emergency cash? I think I had a small card it at one point, but I typically don’t use it. This compartment zips up the middle and does not zip fully, so small items may fall out.

There is also a cell phone pocket on the left strap, which is super handy. I actually keep my phone in it when I drive, and my car keys in it when I’m at the office.

In addition to the backpack straps, the bag also has a padded carrying handle at the top.

The only thing I really don’t like about it so far, which I’ve noticed on a lot of bags I’ve come across recently, is that the hardware on the bags (ie zipper, D-rings, etc) are heavier than the fabric of the bag. And since there is no internal frame or support, this makes the bag like a blob, so it has to either lay flat or hang while I pack, unpack, or root through the bag. I’m not totally sure why, but I find this very annoying.

Are these bags OK for kids to use it for school ?

It really depends on the kid.

The backpacks are small, probably like a 9-11L trail pack, so in that aspect they should be perfect. BUT I don’t know how easy to clean they are; I bought a dark color (navy) which is fairly forgiving.

I don’t know that these would hold up to being tossed in the washer (I used to do that pre-laptop packs) or whatever else inventive children would do to them.

The parachute nylon makes them sort of satiny, so I imagine they may hold up well but possibly not look so nice if they get snagged on stuff, have peanut butter hands rummaging through them, etc. Of course, if you have a child that’s fairly neat and orderly, that shouldn’t be an issue.

I suppose in some respect it also depends on the school. I’m old enough now that I don’t have a clue what is and isn’t allow into schools any more.

You put your cell phone in your wallet? I’m curious as to how that works; my [bi-fold] wallet is fairly thick as it is between bills and all sorts of cards, but even if it was empty I can’t imagine a phone small enough to fit in it, aside from the fact that my phone is a gigantic Galaxy Note… :slight_smile: Do you have a photo of this crazy wallet/phone contraption? I’m trying to wrap my head around it! XD

me one ordered one navy and one red you charged me for three please reply

Email to figure out what happened and get it straightened out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

PS: We have added the ability to cancel order in the first 15 minutes after you place an order. See the link in my signature for more info.

Thanks for your informative post!

Being female, I have a few more options at what may be considered a “wallet”. :slight_smile:

That being said, my wallet is about 5.25" x 3.75", and fits my Samsung Nexus S phone with case.

If I could find a wallet just a teeny bit larger and just as well-built, which could also hold my lip balm, I would have the perfect wallet.

bought mine on amazon and got it yesterday. it will fit a manila folder but expect the corners to get dented. it fits my surface and ipad nicely, but the bottom of the backpack is not padded, so be careful putting the backpack down on a hard surface with a tablet inside. it is probably not a good school backpack, unless the only thing you need to carry is folders and a tablet.