Vestpac GrandPac Hydration Pack

Retail isn’t $149.95, it is $79.95. While this is a good deal, IMO it is not a great one, and Woot should avoid hyperbole in stating the “compare at” prices. At $20 I’d be a buyer. At $30, the 1 liter reservoir is too small for most outdoor uses. Pass.

The middle picture is wrong, that is the Drift Pac for Anglers
I would guess this is a discontinued style as I don’t see it on Vestpac’s site.
This does seem to be a decent deal though, I can’t seem to find it for less then $60 anywhere. I agree 1 liter is small but more comfortable on the chair lift then a much larger one.
What is also interesting is on Vestpacs site you can buy other fronts as they interchange, as well as replacement parts and accessories. My favorite of all their packs is the radio pack (I’m in ski patrol training) but being the newest model it will be a long time before I see it on woot.
I’m in for 2 for me and my son.

Thanks! That one was incorrect, we removed it. All others should be accurate.