VeSync Mini Smart Plug (3-Pack or 6-Pack)

VeSync Mini Smart Plug (3-Pack or 6-Pack)

What is the AMP rating on these?

Power rating for these (small) smart plugs is 1200 Watts or approximately 10 amps with 120V AC current. They also make a larger model which handles up to 1800W (or about (edited to correct: 15 Amps.). Check Amazon for details.

These are by far the best smart plugs I have ever bought. They are extremely easy to install, the software is simple and reliable and if your wifi system goes off line for a while or they are unplugged, they almost
always reset themselves correctly. If not, just follow the instructions in the app and on line. Clear and easy.

But there is one gigantic monumental stupidity. You’d think the app name wuld be Etekcity maybe or Voltson? But no. That would be too obvious. The only way to bring up the app is “VeSync” #$@%^&*!! Which of course makes no sense at all because that word isn’t in most parts of the app and manuals. So just make a note somewhere. Otherwise, these are the best and they work great with Alexa.

I have tried other brands and they were completely miserable. Sometimes they connected to wifi and sometimes not. When unplugged or wifi was temporarily off, it was a complete nightmare to get them to reconnected. Want to torture yourself without mercy? Buy Gosund or WeMo. Atrocious! IMHO of course.

The amp rating on these is 8A.

You’re probably correct. As per the manual here:

However, on Amazon’s listing, it says 10A or 1200W. The factory manual is probably correct. Thanks for the heads up. Over current can damage these. The Amazon listing is here:

I noticed that these state “currently” when they say that they don’t support HomeKit… Does anyone have any of their other products, and care to comment on how often they are updated, and if they do eventually add in HomeKit support?

What wireless networks do these work with? 2.4 and/or 5GHz?

2.4 Ghz only.

Doesn’t work on the extended 2.4 Wi-Fi network, anyone want to buy from me? I have 6, bought over 30 days ago so I cannot return :confused:

Buy mine I have 6