Vex Robotics Starter Kit



What’s it gonna take to get some crap? Most everyone else is happy, even eager to give me crap.
Why won’t you, woot?


You mock my geek side with the lack of inventory… where are they?!?


I hope these sets come with tinfoil hats, too, because robots can read our thoughts and are going to use them against us to take over the world.


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Vex Robotics Starter Kit
$179.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
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Yeah, I’m getting the same thing. Isn’t this what they were talking about yesterday? A robotics kit? Looks cool, but not for me. Something for a kid in gradeschool maybe or in highschool.


Ah… if only I could build a tank or some R/C slave with this… that would be the life.


Can it make a pots and pan robot???


We have one of these at the school I teach at and it is FUN!!! I’ve never seen kids more engrossed in something than my students when they are working with this kit.


it’s got to be a bug with that new graphic they added for when the sale’s over… i mean… look at the stats…

unless they screwed up the quantity they have to sell in their database.

either way… OOPS


You didn’t miss anything, i think this has happened before for short periods of time. Don’t worry, they still want our money, they’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:


Hmm… so is this just gears and stuff or does it have motors to? Can I actually build a working robot out of it?


=( already gotta a rockin sockin robot… where’s the crap o woot where’s the crap?


OMG, if I had this, it would keep me out of trouble…
I might not even post on WOOT…


It’s the much awaited, much talked about, oft’ sung about Vex Robotics Starter Kit.

Thanks for the preview Matthew.


Is this woot a hoot? It sold out before it begain as the privacy word says we are chumps.


This is really cool. Too bad my wife would murder me if I bought it.

Nelson Muntz
-Ha ha


Vex stuff is half off at Radio Shack.


Not that I would have bought it anyway (a little expensive), but … it said it was over the second it began! Woot…kinda hard to make a profit when you post things you won’t sell! Oops!


looks like a cool kit, but why cant we buy it…