VEXplorer RC Robotic Construction System

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New VEXplorer RC Robotic Construction System, for $79.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Revell VEXplorer Robotic Construction System with Wireless Camera

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But ALL I WANT are the orange monkeys!! I would gladly have bought this carp just for the monkeys! :frowning: Will Iever get a collection of orange screaming woot monkeys???

mad tease showing those monkeys :frowning:

15 dollars cheaper than amazon plus good reviews

Hmmm. The average on Buzzillions is 4 stars…

This… looks like it could be a ton of fun. The built in camera is what especially makes it awesome. I could attach a light to it, and use it to explore my crawlspace for small animals and whatnot (all from the comfort of my computer).

No monkey

No buy

10 AA batteries, I think I’ll buy some eveready stock

This thing is actually VERY fun. Used one a lot before. Camera works great, drives amazingly, and can be EASILY taken apart and reassembled to do many different things.
I’d recommend it

Gimme the monkeys !!!

We have this system at home, its a great product, and especially for those engineers hard at work. It provides nice ideas and nice engineering for those youngsters hard at work. If your child is good and likes to build with legos, and robotics, this this is a good gift to get

I saw this and I…

Now that looks sweet! I’m in. Too bad we don’t get the monkeys…

I’m telling you… I’d buy this just for those monkeys.

It says that this includes over 300 parts. I bet this includes every one of those zip ties, every nut, bolt, plastic bag, box, and piece of Styrofoam that comes with it. Even with that I am still getting one as it looks cool even for us grown-up kids.

I am actually in the VEX Robotics Competition so this could be a good practice tool for students starting out their first year in robotics

I used one of these in my high school robotics team (we did it in between the FIRST FRC season, if that means anything to anyone)

These things are really fun, but you have to have an engineering kind of mind. If you’ve used the lego mindstorm before it’s similar but about 100 times as much fun. It uses C natively but, if i recall correctly, there is a graphical interface like the mindstorm uses.

This looks amazing. I’m going back and forth on whether I have the money to get it - would be perfect for some lesson units for my daughter.