VG-10 Damascus Fish Fillet Knife, 8"

the zhen knives in general are an excellent value for a dollar. If anyone has any questions, you can message me.

This fish fillet knife, though needs clarification. I personally own the 67 layer version by Zhen as well as one of their 67 layer guytos (chefs knives).
This is a fish fillet knife by “Asian” use of the word, not by western use of the word. This is NOT a flexible blade knife that slides between the skin and flash of a fish.
This is more along the lines of a Japanese sujihiki. 50/50% blade profile, (not 97/3 like a yanagi which looks almost similar) so it is good for both, right and left handers.
This also makes an excellent sushi/sashimi knife or an Italian “crudo”. Another tip, when slicing sushi/sashimi, try a “pulling” slice, not a “pushing” slice.

It is good as a western style “carving knife” for thick slices of meats and roasts