VG-10 Damascus Santoku Knife, 7"

Do you have a really great knife snob in your neighborhood? One that has a really nifty forge and oil baths at specific temperatures, who can whip out a hand polished blade in hours?

What did you do, run over their dog? I mean, really, if you’ve got someone like that in your neighborhood, you shouldn’t be looking at knives online.

Anyway, knife snob would of course tell you that you can have one of two things: Stainless steel or Damascus blades. They aren’t saying you can’t make a Damascus blade out of stainless steel, but they are implying if you do such a thing, you’d better be ready to actually take care of the thing.

This, out of the box, should hold an edge beautifully, and quite likely will be one of the nicest experiences you have with a blade. And then you stupidly put it in the dishwasher, ruin the temper on the blade and it never holds an edge again, and you whine online about how awful such and such blade is.

HAND WASH ONLY. You pull it out of the drawer, you hone the edge slightly with a sharpener, you use it, you wash it off in the sink, you dry it, you put it away, then you continue cooking.

I know, some people with commitment issues might have trouble with this one, but trust me, that’s how it has to be done each and every time. Sharpen, use, clean, put away. It gets in your dishwasher once and you can kiss goodbye all the wonders of this blade - it will look pretty in your drawer or on your magnetic rack, but be as useful as a standard ruler in cutting anything.