Viñas de Luján de Cuyo Mixed Argentinian (6)

Viñas de Luján de Cuyo Mixed Argentinian 6-Pack
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2013 Viñas de Luján De Cuyo, Malbec, Mendoza
2013 Viñas de Luján De Cuyo, Torrontes, Mendoza

These can’t possibly be ready to drink yet, can they?

Only one way to find out.

The white is, particularly that in the description here from the winery they state: " Light and dry style to be drunk young."

Most likely the red is as well. The description says no barrel aging, so I’m going to assume aged in stainless steel. That is generally done to preserve fresh fruity flavors and makes the wine pretty easy drinking from the get go. My .02

2013 Viñas de Luján De Cuyo Torrontes

I managed to score a bottle of this Torrontes from a hairy caped benefactor and shared it with my lovely g/f after a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

I said: “The nose reminds me of Sauv Blanc.”

She said: “It doesn’t smell anything like Sauv Blanc.”

I said: “Well, I’m getting some grass on the nose with maybe a little grapefruit but also some pear and apple.”

She said: “Grapefruit? I’m not getting grapefruit and I’m definitely not getting apple. It’s buttery.”

I took a sip and said: “I agree about the butteriness. It probably went through MLF but I’m not detecting any oak.”

She took a sip and said: “No, no oak. It’s a heavy wine.”

I said: “It is rather full-bodied for a white wine but not viscous like a Riesling or Viognier.”

She said: “Yes, full bodied. I’m tasting a lot of butter and some caramel.”

I said: “I’m not getting caramel at all. I’m getting mostly green apples on the palate, with high acidity. I think I was imagining the grapefruit because of the grassiness and acidity that usually accompany grapefruit in some Sauv Blancs.”

She said: “Huh. I don’t taste any apple. Maybe a little lemon.”

I said: “Yeah, maybe a little Meyer’s lemon but I’m definitely getting mostly green apple.”

She said: “Nope. It is good, though.”

I said: “Yes, I like Torrontes in general and I like this but it seems like we are getting quite different impressions of the wine.”

She said: “Yes, we are.”

Half a bottle later, after watching a couple episodes of Wonderfalls on DVD…

I said: “This is continuing to get better the more I drink of it.”

She said: “Yes, can you fill me up?”

Fade to black…

Late Thursday, a bottle of this dropped off the back of a dog sled and found its way to my door. Being very, very cold, I put in the basement to chill to a manageable temp. Since last night was dine out nite (for obvious reasons), this bottle was just opened (9am). Don’t think I’ve ever opened up wine at this early hour. Oh well…

PnP: Medium cranberry color and translucent. Swirling in the glass leaves a coating on the top, which as a unit moves slowly down the glass. Half way down some wide legs start to break away from the coating. The initial smell is a little strawberrish, a little cherry like. The first flavors are blackberry/blueberry with a bitter finish. Nothing sweet about this wine. There is a bitterness that lingers and I try to figure what it is. It is not acidic. It is not tart. It is not citrus. Hmm. Can’t really put a finger on what most resembles this bitterness. I also find it difficult to pick up any distinguishable fruit, although plum might be present. I should add that there is no strong alcohol flavor working here. (Note: 14.2%)

This is a 2013 wine. I would chance it to say that it needs more time to integrate and develop. It would be like eating an unripened banana and eating a ripe one. This one needs to ripen in the bottle. I like malbecs and consider them a good food wine. This one is too difficult to figure out right now. If you want to take a chance and put it away, you might be rewarded with a nice malbec. Seeing the price ($11 a bottle), it it not a big gamble, risk or investment. And as the commercial said: Try it. You might like it.

So Chip got the Torrontes and JM the Malbec, for those having a difficult time with the morning…
Check, there’s not ~that~ much perceived difference of a single wine.

Do you think that bitterness could be the mild pepperiness that some argentinian malbecs have?

Thanks for the ratting notes.

We were fortunate to be able to sample a bottle of the Malbec last night.

It poured a dark garnet purple and was, as expected, murky or opaque(without any sediment). There was a very light nose of dark berries.

Upon tasting, we found it to be a substantial wine with predominantly blackberry/blueberry/plum notes with a hint of black pepper. The finish was medium.

My spouse said: “Smells good, tastes good.”

Suffice it to say, at this price it is a decent everyday drinker and it stood up well to the over-seasoned tacos our grandson demanded for dinner.

Paired with more edible food, it should be even more enjoyable.

Just want to add that I’m so HAPPY to see that the International selection was sent out for testing. So nice to see the notes. On the fence for purchase though. I’m spending the afternoon at a Spanish wine tasting, so I might be an easier sell this evening… :slight_smile:

Interesting review Chip, like the Sopranos …fade to black :slight_smile:

Really tempted… have to give it a little more thought. I like malbecs and the discussion here has given me some food for thought.

2013 Viñas de Luján De Cuyo Torrontes - Day 2

One glass left from last night and I am drinking it now. Still getting predominantly crisp green apples, both on the nose and palate.

The lemon note from last night is a little more pronounced and has a subtle honey component to it.

I am actually liking this more on day 2 which is rare for a white wine.