VIBE USB Turntable with Speakers

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VIBE USB Turntable with Speakers
$15.99 + $5 Standard OR $17 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Yikes. 16 dollars for a turntable? Maybe for my scratchy records I bought from a garage sale. I would never play my vinyl I cared about on a player this cheap.

You better hope you record your record right on the first try. Otherwise you’ll probably damage your records.

Make sure you’re using your Monster USB Cable with this product.

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  1. discussion from last time
  2. the manual
  3. video on how to use it.
    I’ve got some old vinyl i’d like to convert.)

Don’t let the cheap scare you, I purchased something similar to this but without the extra features as integrated speakers and it works fine. If you want to transfer music to MP3, this is not a bad way to go. Having the integrated speakers would be nice.

This is one of those times where cheap does not equal bad.

last time

there, did it myself.
or not.

actually, a similar product. not sure if it is exactly the same.

Read some reviews from Amazon and it doesn’t sound like a good deal to me. Will skip this deal and hold on to my hard-earned $$$ for another day.

Compatibility: Windows 7, Vista, ME, 2000, 98SE, 97

XP isn’t listed? If it works with Vista and 2000, I would expect XP to be OK as well.

Would someone take pity on me…I loved the old 78s the FIRST time around, and still have some.
Now the pity thing: what does this unit use for a phonographic needle? Be nice.

Don’t use this turntable on any records you value. The ceramic needle will eat them for lunch.

Maybe, maybe not. I see a ceramic cartridge (not that there’s any chance it could be moving-magnet at this price), so the sound quality will be somewhat worse than MP3 is on its own.

More importantly, the tracking weight is probably non-adjustable and heavy enough to damage a record on its first playing.

As the lyrics of one of the songs I have on vinyl says, “Take a chance on me.” I’m in for one.

98SE FTW yeah!!!

I have one of these, the exact one. I don’t use it much but it is OK. It’s fine for your old scratchy vinyls and thrift shop finds. I would not play good valuable vinyl on it. It has nice sound, considering the tiny speakers, but turned all the way up it is not too loud. I mean, I wish it would play louder. It only runs from USB power. I have used an AC adapter/charger with a USB power connection, made for charging phones.

It has a cheap ceramic cartridge. Who knows what that stylus is, sapphire or diamond? But it is an LP/45 stylus, not a 78 stylus. It is not an old flipover stylus type. If you want to play 78s you will need the 78 stylus.

The replacement LP or 78 stylus will be one of these,

just pick the one(s) that look like the one on the cartridge you get on this machine. Different runs of this unit may come with different cartridges, but the replacement styluses (styli) for either cartridge should be on that page.

bought one of these from another sale site.

Built very cheap as you would expect at this price. Has a cardboard bottom, very cheap plastic body. There are no adjustments on the player beside the 33/45 switch on the back and the tonearm as you would imagine has to be placed on the vinyl by hand. The speakers are a nice feature if you don’t want to run RCA wires to your receiver. Doesn’t come with much software just drivers and a copy of Audacity which is free on the net anyway.

The Manual is not the best technically, but it does tell you the basics on getting the player to record with audacity and how to ‘clean up’ your recorded audio.

But the important part is Does it perform?

My experience simply ‘NO’ – First time playing it out the box it skipped like crazy on nearly every record I played. If it weren’t for that it would be perfect for what I wanted for but I have hundreds of vinyl and I tried enough of them to come to the conclusion that this player just won’t cut it. Like someone else said above if you value your records pass this deal up.

Garbage plastic turntables like this are the reason people embraced CDs. This will sound like complete crap…and this will damage your “vinyls” (so presumably CDs would be “plastics”?). I wouldn’t put a record on this on a dare. This does not represent a real turntable - do not judge the entire medium of vinyl playback based on the symphony of distortion which this junk will provide.

Is anyone else getting a yikes error when you post?

It’s Hit or miss right now. It happened to me once. it was happening really bad when i was trying to PM you an hour ago.

I’m wondering what windows 97 is right now… I’m not sure I’d trust that very odd compatibility list.