VIBE USB Turntable with Speakers

Ok, I’ve reported it and they’re looking into it. THANKS!

What color is the USB cable?

Rope in your attitude cowboy. Here is an even better reason why it may not be for some… Not mac compatible??

Rope in your attitude cowboy. Here is an even better reason why it may not be for some… Not mac compatible??

Excuse me, but it clearly stated “Ceramic CARTRIDGE”, not needle. Even the cheapest needles have been artificial sapphire longer than I have been alive and the tonearm is the critical aspect.

I got the last Woot! for the *ION Quick Play Flash turntable to convert some out of print albums to the flash drive and it sounded better than the day I picked up the record new - twice so far, because I compared “live” to MP3.

1.I haven’t found this one for sale
2.I’ll look for it.

I stand by what I said. If you want to preserve your vinyl and keep it the best condition pass on this. If you’re not an audiophile, and you’re okay with middle road MP3 Quality, and want to digitize your vinyls before mailing them to me then this might do just the trick for you.

but pleease, for the love of your vinyl, one play only.

Here is a Review from Cnet

It caused me to stop searching for a user guide because of this:
the included manual is barely worth the paper it’s printed on. So this is not a great solution for tech-challenged users.

And one last warning from this review:
The actual process of converting albums into MP3s can be complicated, as you have to manually break one long recording into individual files–or start and stop the LP (and the recording software) after each track. A little more automation would be great, and I reckon there’s software out there that’ll provide it–but it’s not included here.

My final word on this.

If you’re not super serious about your sound quality, and know your way around a computer alright, this might be perfect for you. Just remember you’ll have to edit the tracks, or have a single continuous playing CD.

Based on what I read about this turntalbe, for me (who is way to serious about music) I’d give it a 1/5. For anyone else, it’s still not very impressive and woot’s dirt cheap pricing is the only thing making me feel comfortable giving this a 3/5 at best.


Will this play with any quality?

Since I bought it here on woot! back in April of 2009 and still haven’t opened them, let alone played them.

(I’m starting to like that STUFF YOU BOUGHT page…)

ceramic needle is worrying you? It’s hardness is next to that of diamond. Don’t think it’s going to ruin any records.

wow I missed out, I would love to have that in my collection. how much was it running for you remember?

I’ve been wanting a USB turntable to convert some of my dad’s records in the attic to MP3s before they warp/melt/implode/whatever if they haven’t already.

However… this one doesn’t seem like a good bet.

10 internets to the first person to identify the (TV Show) source of this phrase:
“I want my daddy’s records!”

$20.99 shipped apparently…


Skipatrolkid is correct Here is that disney vinyl woot in case you wanted to see it, relive fond memories.

If you want to break the tracks easily, record to WAV and use the FREE Windows program CDWav:

This makes it very easy to split the long WAV file from an album side into the individual songs. You can eyeball it, the whole waveform from the whole LP side where you can see the silent parts, or listen to be even more accurate. Then convert the split tracks to MP3.

“Sanford and Son”!

You could have clicked the picture too…

Just saying…

i guess i’ll pass on this one. THanks for all the info and advice. I would like to convert them, at some point . . .

Being a child of the late 70’s I have seen ‘albums’ progress from vinyl, cassette, CD, the ill-fated mini-disk, all the way to MP3. But I am confused, why is vinyl still around? I don’t think I have ever purchased a ‘record’ or even know anyone that owns any. Just curious if there is a real reason it’s still around or even supported for that matter?

How accurate are the speeds. Are you going to hear wow and flutter?