VIBE USB Turntable with Speakers


If it only costs $16 it’s a Record Player… Turntables cost Hundreds, Thousands, Tens of Thousands and sometimes even Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars. So There & Their & They’re.

I still might buy one though.

I bought this the last time it was on woot. Piece 'o crap! Quality of transfer is terrible, ceramic cartridge damages your records and sounds bad, and playback sometimes stops before the side is over. Worst of all, when you use the RCA output, the speakers don’t shut off! You can’t even turn the volume off. This is a scam! Even a used record player (eBay approx 60-80 bucks) sounds much better.

I bought this on Woot about a month ago maybe? It’s a piece of crap. I mean, if you have some old already destroyed records you don’t mind risking getting scratched to pieces then you can use it. The needle isn’t real. It’s ONLY USB powered. The lid doesn’t cover an entire 12" when closed. Do NOT DARE put any new or valuable vinyls on this player if you do decide to buy it. Also the software that comes with it is of course out of date, so you will need to go and download Audacity yourself. And even if you’re half way decent with using Audacity and/or Audition, it’s still very difficult to get a good stream recording. And I am saying all this without being a completely audiophile. It’s just a bad, shotty product. This is the definition of you get what you pay for. Luckily I needed a printer cable at the time, and the USB that came with this worked with my printer. Score!

Woot gave you a lemon and you made usb lemonade!

If it only costs $16 it’s a Record Destroyer.

If you want to transfer some beloved pop records from your childhood into the digital age, this is just fine. No, it won’t give you great fidelity but then again, neither did most pop records from your childhood – even when they were new. Nor is it great for repeated playing. It’s made for a specific purpose for a specific demographic, not for snobs or audiophiles. If you know what Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs is, then just move on. And at $16, it’s a bargain.

The only thing holding me back from getting this for my parents is that it doesn’t play 78rpms. My parents have some very old 78s from my grandparents that they’d love transferred. The “fidelity” is already crap so no record player can make it worse. And yes, I know that 78s should be played with a sapphire needle mounted at a specific angle. But that’s only if you want to preserve the 78s, which we don’t. They’re going in the garbage after a one time transfer, We just want to convert the disks as cheaply as possible and be done with it. I guess we’ll have to spend a few more bucks and get an Ion.

Lighten up people! It is a record player. It’s just a record player, although if you want to use it as a stand alone, you’ll need to plug it into a USB wall power adapter.

And complainer’s about it having a ceramic cartridge as opposed to having a MM or MC turntable cartridge apparently have had no experience with ceramic cartridge systems.

As a young boy I played all my LP’s and 45’s on ceramic cartridge systems such as Fisher, Telefunken, Grundig and those systems all had big name brand “record players” Dual being one of them. Never had a problem with them and their saphire needles. Of course I did play them at high volume levels, but never noticed any undue distortion at those levels.

Last time this was up I defended the idea that not everyone needed superduper turntables, I was unaware that it wasn’t worth the money at all.

The item shipped to me was different than what was advertised.
Woot! came to the rescue there and got me a unit that had all of the advertised features… but I was so turned off by the first one I’ve not unboxed the “right one” yet.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, take some old records I had laying around and mp3 them.

What I got was some plastic thing that fails to play 45’s to the end.

I’m not going to tell you how its going to destroy your albums, kick your cat, isn’t audiophile approved… I’m going to tell you to save your money and wait for something else.

I am sure other Wooters who bought this last time will be along soon with other horror stories, maybe even some success stories… but my experience is I was unimpressed with this unit, it failed to play a 45 to the end… seems like its full of fail.

Will this work with my Apple(record)?

78’s have a different groove shape so normally require a 78 needle, even with an ION TT. btw, my ION used software to convert digital recordings to 78 rpm speed, so read the fine print.

Don’t throw them away! There are a million cool things you can do with old 78s. I saw a home improvement show where they dissolved broken 78s to make shellac. You should make shellac with them!

Was your replacement also a VIBE unit? If so, did it come with the clear dustcover lid? 78 rpm mode? Or was it a different brand entirely?


I got one of these when it was on the regular woot, and honestly, the only issue i’ve had with it is the built in speakers being crappy but I think that was a given. No this isn’t an incredible record player, but it does what it’s meant to do. and for the price, you really can’t argue. and for the record, it does not destroy vinyls, and the lid shuts just fine with them in.

I bought one the last time around. It will not spin the empty platter, pulls down the USB power supply until it dies. The platter is stiff and doesn’t spin freely. Never worked right out of the box. Mine was, and still is junk.

At this price I was thinking of buying but there are just too many horror stories.
This is actually my first post ever and it is because of a specific horror story not related specifically to the product.
It’s the horror of not caring to destroy old vintage 78s and to then garbage bin them. And the only response is to melt down perfectly good 78s. Ugh, erg, oooohh! I’m no audiophile but still…
Sell then to someone who’ll appreciate them or even the local library system.
And one more thing, what’s the problem if all you want are mp3s? Anyone concerned about quality is going to be making FLAC and ogg files, plus they’ll be proud of not only a superior file type with better compression, better sound quality but also that they’re open source and all the goodness that entails. :slight_smile:

I meant/mean to give/donate to the library, not sell to the library.

Goodness! Don’t throw out your old 78rpm records. There are a lot of people who have the old record players that they were played on and seek out those records. Donate them to a thrift store (VOA, Goodwill, etc.) People like myself will be really happy to find them.