VIBE USB Turntable with Speakers

Just send me $20, it’ll work out better.

I sense… I dunno… Sarcasm?

Hear the sounds and scratches of over 200 comments for this turntable, at the previous woot (and the wootoffs also had it at $15.99):

The # of comments should tell you something,… and it wasn’t totally one-sided, if that’s your guess.

whatever , sure why not. so. wooted that.

Hearing people get into hysterics about these is honestly one of my favorite parts of woot.

I got one from the last woot. I’ve had no problems with it. The speakers sound great on it and it works well with the computer too. You might need to read the instructions for the software but I found it easy to operate. In regards to it “not sounding loud enough,” which was a concern when I read the last comments, there’s a little plastic white bit by the needle. Pop/slip that off and the sound is fine. I don’t know if that’s something they knew to do or not… Didn’t scratch any of the records I put on there, I have some old My Little Pony records from the 1980s so I was able to put those on the computer for my children to listen to (should I have any) just in case the records break. That… and it was just awesome listening to the record. I might be buying some more to listen to!

does the needle flip over to reveal a different needle on different speed playback?

I just snagged two, both of them as gifts for other people. I didn’t even bother to read the comments here first. I hope they don’t suck!

The force is strong with this one. :smiley:
I tried to like this unit, up until it was unable to play 45’s to the end.

I also got mine when there was an “issue” with the listing of the item vs reality, so that didn’t help my perceptions much. It was made right but left feeling meh towards it.

TT - Can you confirm these are the correct pictures of the product being shipped?
There are 2 offerings with the same stock numbers from the vendor.
One has the pictured clear top/silver speaker grills.
The other has the smoke colored top/flat black speaker grills.

I’d just like to say I bought this the last time on woot and it works great. Doesn’t by any means damage my records, and is great for converting to mp3. Don’t be scared of it’s cheap price, great deal.

Blind consumerism… excellent

The speakers on mine dont work.

I don’t care about windows compatibility, I assume that. Does anyone know if this is Linux compatible?

Will it play Bacon.

This turntable SUCKS…for playing purposes anyways. Probably ok for just transferring records to computers. My phone speakers are louder than this thing.

Can someone tell me why every version of Windows besides XP is listed? Could that actually be true?

You guys need to start buying these so Woot can get rid of them and stop selling them. I paid twice as much for mine on Amazon and I’m very happy with it. $15 is a steal. I had an in-depth (quality (!!!)) post about it in a prior thread that I don’t feel like looking for…so just trust me, this is the best thing you’re gonna find for under $100, let alone under $50.

Does this think only write to 128 mp3 bitrate? No wav or better quality? That would suck.

The software that comes with it, if there is one other than audacity (ion for example uses EZ Vinyl converter) would only do 128…however Audacity will let you do any bit rate you want. If you care about quality, you use audacity (or any other music recording software for that matter, but audacity is easy) to do the conversion.

I’m considering this as a gift for a friend, any one know how the stylus and tone arm are? I’ve tried some similar products that are bad about skipping. Obviously, I’d hook up external speakers - so that’s no concern. But if there tends to be skipping, I’m out.