Vibram Five Fingers Men's KMD EVO

I own a great many VFFs and find these KMD EVO’s to be an excellent shoe. I own 4 pair of the KMDs and have always liked them, but the EVO’s are an improvement to what was already a very comfortable shoe. The uppers conform nicely and the soles provide a smooth bottom that’s comfortable on all types of terrain. The soles are slightly thinner than the Spryridon MR’s and don’t have the instep rock plate like the MRs, so striking a sharp rock ledge while running can be a painful thing, however for all other activities, these are an excellent and comfortable shoe. A great choice for running on smooth trails or concrete, for use in the gym or just as a casual option. Every experienced VFF wearer I know loves these, but these would also make a great first pair of VFFs!