Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Shoes



if only they were in size 13, oh well


I have and love these, but please be aware of a few things…
Wear them slowly and let your feet and body get used to them…
size is based on the length of your foot, not your shoe size… and size does matter when dealing with Vibrams


For toes that like privacy, each one gets its own little toe hut to hang out in, internet connection extra. Me, my toes are social and like to mingle.


I wear size 13 and I fit in the 46 and 47 with socks…


I’ve always wanted to get a pair of these, but I’m hesitant on getting them without trying them on. What if I order the wrong size?

Shoes are usually an in shop buy for me.


I have these, the Bikila is one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I’m a size 11 so I went with a 43 and the fit was great.


sizing guide… remember not based on your shoe size but your foot size…
Size does matter… Don’t listen to her it is all about the size


pbr where do you live? Depending on your location you probably have 2-3 stores locally that have these. REI is a great place to go look and get sized right. Running shops usually carry them as well


I’d love to try these but wonder how they would fit a small woman’s foot that needs a wide width shoe. I typically take a size 6 wide and I can’t tell if these would stretch or accomodate a wide foot. Any ideas??


Ooh, glad these came up. Now I can have a backup pair… in the same style and color as my current ones. :slight_smile: In for one, making me in for two total. I’ve worn mine since July as everyday shoes.


Sorry if I’m asking a dumb question, but how do you wear socks with vibrams?


heh… you ever smelled feet/ shoes that have been ran long distances in?
I don’t like the feel of sweaty feet and toes, so Socks for me! I have like 8 pairs of injinji socks now. Added the Bright orange ones for xmas and can’t wait to buy the EL-X when they come local, those are some slick looking shoes


Toe socks of course!


Toe socks of course. They even sell them on their site.


They make socks with toes now. Smart will and others make them. Although many/most people run with no socks.



Has anyone used these while riding their road bikes? I want to use this for casual walk after I bike to school and for crossfit. Any advice? I can’t get the right measurement for my foot size, I’m a size 7.5. So I’m not sure if I should get 37 or 38. Any good advivce, friends?


You have toe socks? I thought those went the way of the dodo back in the '70s.


So you’re saying I need to buy some toe socks to go along with my toe shoes?


City Sports has them as well for 35.98 after their coupon shipped… and returnable… i’m going down in flames for this though…