Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Shoes

I’ve heard excellent things about these. Alas, I am too poor, but I’ll definitely point some friends in this direction!

These things really creep me out…but, they are a pretty good deal here on Woot. These are very popular sellers at REI and other outdoor shops.

$2 price drop since the Previous Sale - Quite a bit of discussion over there

Great deal. These always seem to go fast, so I jumped on them right away. I got my first KSOs years ago and left my last Bikilas in a hotel room in NYC, so glad I could get a great priced replacement.

See? I’ve been meaning to go to the store and try these on to see what size I need sot hat I can order them here! grrr. GRRR! ANGRY DAY!!!

I think these are awesome. I’ve got a pair of these and a pair of Speed LS. I walked through my Speeds but these have held up really well. Great for everyday use in outdoor sports but you will get some odd looks from strangers (and friends, family, psychologist, etc…). Funny, two thousand years ago you would have got strange looks from wearing the boxy and restrictive shoes of today.

LOVE VFF’s and if WOOT! was offering them in my size, I’d be all over this AWESOME deal.

Lots of good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at

Even though these shoes have always scared me a little, I’m intrigued.

How is the sizing? Also, how do you clean them so that you don’t die (or kill your pets/loved ones) with toe mung?

This will make my third pair of these shoes for the third row in a year. I love them! I just wish I could wear them year-round in the Midwest.

I was really excited to see this sale until I got a measuring tape out and discovered that my foot is too small for the smallest size Woot is offering. Sigh.

These are by far my favorite minimalist shoe. Just a note, if you have a tall (high arch) foot these may be too restrictive to fit comfortably. If you are unsure you should get the Bikila LS model instead.

This is an awesome deal but cannot remember what size I had for my KMD Sports and cannot find a ruler to size my feet :confused:

You should be able to do the measurements yourself at home. Here is the sizing chart

It breaks my heart that there is no size 5 women’s.

The sizing is a bit funky. It is best to either go to a store and find your size, or order multiple sizes from a store with a generous return policy. Vibram has an online sizing tool here

However, I don’t find it to be accurate. According to this chart, I’m a size 41. Maybe a size 42, but I’ve been wearing size 43 for the past 1.5 years and that’s what I found to be the most comfortable. For comparison, my regular shoe size tends to vary between 10.5-11.5, depending on the width of the shoe. I seem to have relatively wide feet and I frequently have to go up a size to accommodate. I can’t fit into Merrell shoes at all because of how narrow they are.

Someone posted this conversion chart

And it seems to be a bit more accurate, but ultimately, the shape of your foot will dictate your size, I think.

As for washing, you just need to throw it into a washing machine and wash on cold with no detergent. Afterward, air dry them.

The shoe apparently has an anti-bacterial sole that helps eliminate stink. However, they will stink eventually, as is the case with any shoe that you work out in, especially one that you use barefoot. When they reach the point of perma-stink, then it’s time to replace them.

More info

You can mitigate this with foot powder, or my personal preference: baby powder. Baby powder is good at preventing blisters from forming or chaffing. Blisters and chaffing aren’t really a big deal when walking around, but can be a big deal if you’re jogging.

I don’t even remotely consider myself a giant, but why is it so hard to find 36" inseam pants or size 13 shoes. Sigh. Count me out.

Would you get a bit big or right smack on your biggest foot? I have large feet, but am right on the border for one size on one foot. Would hate them if I went too 2/8" larger?

What is this? Woot discriminating against small-footed women again?! This is an outrage. Size 34s are human being too, you know, and deserve to be respected and shod like everyone else in this country.

Come on, fellow wooters, we need to take a firm stand in solidarity on this injustice, NO ONE buys any of those shoes until they are sold in all sizes! Ahem.