Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Shoes

**Item: **Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Shoes
Price: $27.99
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Condition: New

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Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Shoes
Price: $27.99
Condition: New

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Just a heads up, these things normally sell out. Used a similar pair for waterfall climbing. They feel odd at first, but they do provide a lot of traction.

But…but… I just bought the four-toed skeletoes… Argh.

great price for them. I used to have a pair and they’re great for running in, BUT, they aren’t as durable as other vibram models, barely last me 6 months before the toes were wearing smooth. i paid $90 for mine years ago, so at $30 they’re a good buy.


I have more clients that complain about knees/shins/etc. after buying these and wearing them for EVERYTHING.

Your feet are accustomed to being overly supported. It’d be like your grandma taking off her bra, jumping on a trampoline for an hour straight and then wondering why her boobs hurt.

That being said, I’ve heard wonderful things about Vibrams in general. Nothing I’d ever use, though.

I bought these back when I worked at REI and really like them. They’re super light on your feet and really enjoyable to wear.

I strongly prefer to wear them without socks but if you do the same, I HIGHLY recommend regularly using some sort of foot powder in them. They can get really funky. Obviously washing helps.

Now that I work in an office environment, I don’t wear them often… but I have fun when I do wear them. They’re just plain comfy - I have a couple pairs of Vibrams and I like these the best.

Anyone have a size comparison chart?

I hated these shoes, none of my toes fit.

Do these only come in the ugly colors/style shown? Can we just get the simple black version?

[MOD: What you see is what you get.] says “that’s good stuff”

VERY glad to see woman’s sizes this go around…

Still trying to decide if I want another pair…

Decisions, decisions…

I have two pairs and love them. Very comfy. Good for running once your legs and feet have become accustomed to natural running shoes. Don’t try going from standard highly supportive running shoes to Vibrams. You will hurt yourself. Gotta acclimate little by little.

To get the size you need…

My feet are smaller than the smallest women’s size. :frowning:

I’m sure that depends, right? 75% of the day, I’m barefooted, and when I leave the house, I wear sandals.

I’ve worn these for years. They’re light, and provide good traction, but they have zero padding. If you’re over 30, you might want to reconsider wearing these for a day in an amusement park. A dirt path is a lot different than a day pounding pavement.

I paid a lot more. They’re a great deal at this price.

I use the sizing chart at the FiveFingers site and they fit perfectly.

I’m not sure if each toe could handle the luxury of having its own little compartment. My toes are used to living communal style and working as a team!

Love these shoes. Couldn’t pass up the deal so bought another pair. This will be my second set of Bikila’s, I started out with the KMD Sports two years ago. The KMDs have an actual insole in them. they were comfortable until the insole started moving around after about 6 months of use. Replaced them with the Bikila’s I still use now. Also bought a pair of the all black KSOs just to wear around for “daily” wear.