Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Shoes says “thats good stuff”

**Item: **Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Shoes
Price: $26.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Lots of very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at amazon

love these shoes… sad they are only offered here in the two mens sizes of 43 and 44

be sure to measure your feet people!

Only 2 sizes, what the heck is that about? Call me when you have a 46. Nap time!

Take a look at the Sizing Tool before you buy

They run smaller than the other Vibrams I’ve worn (Trek, KSO, and KSO Trek, to be specific). All of those, I’m a 46. Bikilas I’m a 47.

How do we know these aren’t knock offs. Is woot an authorized seller?

What did five fingers say to the face?


Love these shoes! Bought my first pair from a local running shop, and the next two pairs from woot! I rock a slightly roomy 11.5 in asics, and the 44 fits like a glove. Wear them for everything! (You’ll look goofy, but they’re super comfy)

I have five pairs of Bikilas and love them, but they’re a bit hard to size. My “correct” size is probably 40; with that size it really feels like my foot is in a glove. Size 40 is so close-fitting, though, that the toe separators can start digging painfully into my toe-webs (is that a word?) when I’m walking down a steep hill (lots of them where I live) and my foot is pushed forward inside the shoe.

Size 41 is less glove-like and I feel a bit of empty space above my toes, but it’s not uncomfortably loose. Whichever size I wear, I like the connection with the ground that Bikilas give me - good traction and a real barefoot feel.

Too bad this sale only has sizes that are too big for me :frowning: - leftovers from last month’s sale, I guess.

If we carry the 90 Day Vibram warranty than we should have their authorization for sale.

We’ve also sold these before:

Better and healthier than most shoes, but not as good as no shoes.

whats with the limited sizes?

I have had a pair for a few years and just picked up these. Couldn’t have a better pair of shoes for everyday use. They will get you weird looks in public but you already shop on woot so whats the difference?

We’ve had these shoes offered multiple times before. These might the only sizes left.

I bought these when they were on sales last time. I also own a few other, different styles. The sizing on these is a little small. I recommend buying one size up from what their sizing chart recommends. Also, I’m a big guy (but the length of the shoes should not matter in this regard)so you must take this advice: these shoes are for normal-sized people. The top of your foot where the shoe hits the skin… after just a few minutes, will totally cut off circulation. You can alter these pretty easily, however. Take some scissors, cut about an 1.5 inches down towards your toes and then whip-stitch the cut like you’re a serger, and they fit great.

You’re exactly right. They’re a little uncomfortable if you follow the Vibram website. Go one size larger than they recommend.

Got these the last time, they’re great! Just make sure you accurately size your feet. The size I got fit perfectly, but I failed to take into account that my middle toe is LONGER than my big toe. Due to this, it gets smooshed (since I measured on my big toe).

Measure from your heel to the end of your LONGEST TOE and you should be fine.

These have helped my running form greatly!