Vibram FiveFingers For Men & Women

Vibram was sued and lost over the claims that these shoes were good for your health, and it was proven they cause foot and leg problems. Why are you selling these? They should be given away or thrown out!

They were sued because they made claims that they were good for your health. And really that had not been researched. From what I have read about the leg pain it really depends on the person, just like any other shoe.

Does walking barefoot cause foot and leg problems?

Running barefoot for a half mile one time basically changed the way I ran for the better.

I’m worried however that these won’t do well with my wide feet. Anyone have any experience or knowledge about “free running” shoes and wide feet?

I have 6 pairs, i workout in them every day. I like lifting in them and run a mile every day to my gym and then a mile back. i think you’re comment’s a bit ignorant.

I have wide feet as well. If you’re interested in vibrams, I would suggest getting the LS version. I have the Bikila LS and a KMD Sport LS and they fit great because they use the lacing system (LS) rather than the velcro strap. I made the mistake of getting one with the strap and it only went about halfway. But with LS, it fits perfectly.

I LOVE these shoes, I’ve been buying them up before they disappear. If you don’t like them please don’t buy them.

I have wide feet and I have 3 different style of Vibrams for different running conditions (treadmill, grass, rough trail). They all fit well.

I bought these the last time they came around, about a week ago. Here are my thoughts:

I’ve given them a good chance. They started out tight, as they always do, and needed the slightest bit of stretching out. I’ve been wearing them with socks to aid in that stretching and, after several days… I absolutely loathe them. I strongly advise people to steer clear of the laced models.

Because of the laces, they had to add a tongue, and that tongue creates several extremely uncomfortable pressure points on the top of my foot. Every part where fabric overlaps feels like rocks stabbing into my foot.

I can’t imagine why they thought this was a step forward for their product line. I’m buying another pair of KSOs, with the regular velcro strap and stretchy mesh top cover, and never looking back.

I love Vibram Fivefingers. I hate these new laced models.

As some others have pointed out the suit charged Vibram with making unsubstantiated claims regarding the health benefits derived from their use. And the harm you speak of was, in reality, the pains and injuries suffered by first time users who tried to immediately use VFFs in the same ways they used their “normal” shoes without first going through the recommended transition process.

The transition process is necessary because the design of “normal” shoes cause numerous muscle groups in the calf and foot to become dormant and eventually atrophy due to non-use. For example, numerous muscles responsible for balance are no longer used when the wearer’s toes are abnormally compressed by forcing them into the body of a “normal” shoe. Everyone can identify with and understand that if you start strenuously using muscles that have atrophied or seen little to no use for long periods of time, those muscles and the structures (bones) they support will sustain pain, injuries, etc. That is the case with VFFs.

Minimalist footwear is healthful from the standpoint that it’s design allows the wearer to utilize a far greater number of muscles and muscle groups than normal shoes. Not only does minimalist footwear prevent these muscles from atrophying, it actually strengthens these muscles and muscle groups to provide enhanced mobility and endurance. This phenomenon, however, is actually just a side benefit that stems from the designer’s goal of creating a shoe that allows the body to ambulate more naturally by allowing the wearer to strike with the ball of the foot instead of the heel, by allowing the toes to “splay” out to better control balance and to correct the spine and posture of the user into a more natural and healthful position.

I own 35 pair of VFFs (call me crazy … that’s quite alright) and they’re all I wear. I’ve experienced improvements in all of the areas I mentioned earlier. I don’t know if everyone would but I would think many, if not most, would. I doubt if anything I’ve said would change your mind about minimalist shoes or VFFs in particular but I think the best comment and argument to counter your viewpoint was stated earlier by “snarkygal”!

Feel like I should buy a pair, just to get part of the settlement.

I kid…