Vibram FiveFingers Shoes

Dang it! I just bought myself a pair of these 3 weeks ago! Can’t return them now. :frowning: If I had $60 laying around, I totally would buy one of these ones since I bought the Bikila LS. I’m really surprised that Sport.Woot has all the sizes up to 47. I’m a size 14 and the 47 is what fits me. However, finding a 47 was a pain in the butte.

Buying these half a year ago on Woot changed my life. Not even kidding. You re-learn how to walk once you put a pair of these on, and your whole body feel better at the end of the day. If I had a spare $60, these would be an easy purchase for me.

I’d also like to point out how sturdy they are. I leave mine laying around the house when I get home and my little corgi, who has managed to destroy literally every slipper/toy/whatevertheheckisinmouthsreach cannot put a dent in these. She chews on then, drags them around, throws them against walls, everything her little corgi heart desires and she just can’t destroy them.

Thanks Vibram for making some awesome shoes, and putting them on Woot at an awesome price.

I so can not justify a 3rd pair of these! I own 2 pairs of Bikila LS - one purchased on WOOT and the other on clearance elsewhere. I LOVE them!! I had someone stop me in the mall over the week-end to ask me about them - and I told her awesome they were. (something about the hot pink and bright orange combo I bought attacted her attention). :smiley:

This will be my 3rd pair, lets hope the 41’s fit. I can’t turn down half price. I love these things. In fact, my kids love these things. My daughter (8) who does not like regular socks or shoes loves her toe socks and Vibrams.

These will also be my 3rd pair. I have the Komodosport LS and the kSO, but I liked the all-velcro KMD Sport. I also converted my dad with a killer deal on some bikilas from another site :smiley:

Vibram Five Fingers, Men’s KMD - Black/Orange, size 43, are the most uncomfortable shoes in the world, so no one buy them. All the rest are great!

(That should buy me some time, so I can buy them on Friday.)

Am I the only one disappointed there is no reference to a five-finger discount.

Oh no! I got them in size 42!


You’re good, then. You will like them. It’s only size 43 you have to worry about.

Those 43s are venomous, or something. :wink:

Is it just me? I wear a 9 1/2 shoe and wear 42-44 size 5-fingers. I think your sizing chart is a little off. C’mon, let’s take five here.

Is this your personal experience? because according to Vibram’s site and the sizing i would get a 41 due to my 10.5in feet.

I’m glad to know no one will be getting a horrible pairs of Men’s KMD - Black/Orange, size 43 shoes. All is good and the 43s are now safe, so keep calm and buy shoes.

BRAH-ha-ha! Ahhh, TheCo2, your comnents crack me up! I know that desperation all too well…“c’mon, PAYDAY!” I’ve got to commend you on this “my-feigned-‘bad-ratings’-on-just-my-size-will-keep-th’bastards-from-snatching-up-what-I-want-so-i-can-still-have-a-fighting-chance strategy.” Sneaky!..hilariousa.!..brilliant! If only I could somehow manipulate the masses in a similar fashion during a woot! off, AND have control over how long an offer is available, I’d be SET!

Regardless, all this has now aroused such bitterness from past items I missed out on, that I visciously & cruelly bought up all remaing pairs of size 43, men’s black/orange, out of pure spite and evilness! Soooorrry! :wink: j/k

Good luck! (are these really THAT great? Now I’m curious…)

Got my size 43… In the black and gold though.

They really do offer a unique running experience. I retired one pair already and now they are serving as a pair of water shoes when I go kayaking.

My favorite is around Xmas, when there is cookies and candy. I will tell everyone something like, I have to check each one for poison and not to eat them, because I don’t want them to get deathly ill.

As for the shoes, I love them and if I could afford to buy 3 pairs, for this price, I would. When they had the Bikilas on sale for $27, I blindly picked up two pairs, not knowing if they would fit (darn European sizes) or if they would even be comfortable, but I was excited, none the less. When the first pair got here (The second pair is still in the box, waiting patiently for the first pair to wear out), I wiggled my toes into them and fell instantly in love. They are so comfortable! It does promote a barefoot style of walking/running which is good for your feet and legs and takes some getting use to. I haven’t used them for running, but I did run with my dog a couple times, around the dog park and it’s definitely a different feel. If I could get away with wearing these shoes, to work, I would wear them every day. Unfortunately, they JUST added it into our policies and procedures; we can’t wear minimalist shoes and they specifically named Five Fingers, the %#$&@$*s.

Word of advise, to people buying these shoes:
Take a look at the tongue of your shoes. Some of them show the European (EU) size, as well as UK and centimeters. Mine are 9 1/2 US, 9 UK, 43 EU, and 27.5 CM. If I would have gone by the sizing charts, I would have ended up buying either a 41 or 42, but I stuck with 43 and it worked.

Jeez! Now I’m fighting off the urge to buy a pair of the yellow and blacks, too.

Walk away from the computer and pretend they aren’t there, for three whole days.

If they don’t sell out and they bring them back for cheaper, I will definitely not be able to fight the urge.

Buy them up, people, so I am not tempted.

Great for: bootcamp and crossfit workouts instead of spongy runners or going barefoot. I love mine. I’ve run a bit in them, but wouldn’t go farther than 3 miles or so.

Just ordered a pair for my wife, she has worn out her current pair finally after 2 years and she runs 5-6 miles 4-5 days a week, so yes these shoes last. I have a pair myself and they are starting to show wear now but I don’t run as much as my wife, but I will say running in these has really improved my back problems by correcting my posture and running style these are great shoes to run in. Just a word of warning, start out slow in them, low distance or you will be in pain.